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Aug 12, 2012

Recipes Re-Do, New Fruit Tree, Thrifting, & Fall Prims

Recipes Redo-
Years ago I bought two mini photo albums to keep my recipes clippings in. One for main dishes, and one for desserts. Years later it's too big and cumbersome, with all those recipes I haven't quite gotten to:

I used a wooden basket to contain things

but it's looking too junky as well as unorganized

I bought a very thin binder and sheet protectors. I sat down, did a major edit of all the recipes, and made them fit. Presto changeo!
I can pull out what I need-

Much tidier looking-

New Fruit Tree-
We had been looking all over town for another fruit tree to plant, since we're wanting to grow more of our own food. We already have an apple and nectarine tree. Fruit trees are usually marked down in the summer, but I'd given up as everyone was out of stock in the last month. Then, lo and behold, going into Lowe's yesterday- FRUIT TREES!!! 25% off, and we got a nice, healthy, semi-dwarf Bartlett Pear tree for $15.00. It looks lop-sided, some of the branches grew to the left a bit in the nursery, but should correct itself. We'll add a tree stake in a week. Here's the new baby we planted today-

Here's the apple tree we planted 4 years ago in a similar spot-

I hit a yard sale yesterday, and got a plastic jar full of cookie cutters for $1.00-

All the holidays are covered, and then some :)

and a nice punch tin lamp, also a buck-

Fall Prims-
I saw these and LOVED them! I found them at the website. $9.00 each and shipping. I love their website and have ordered from there before. Cute! Cat/pumpkin on the left, crow on the right (forgot to remove the tag)-



Carolyn Renee said...

We got some of our hardiest trees at Lowes one year, HALF off! Now I wish I had bough the lot of them!!

Oh, and LOVE the freaky smiling kitty!

2 Tramps said...

We put in four fruit trees this year - a peach plum, a Stanley plum, a Comice pear and a Summer Crisp pear.

I have piles of recipes that need caring for, too. You inspire me to see if I can thin them out and organize them somehow. It would be so nice to be able to access them more quickly and easily.

nancy said...

I love the cat too :) Reminds me of the cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland! I'd love to fit in another fruit tree, but not sure where...

Candy C. said...

Great job on reorganizing your recipes! The punched tin lamp is really neat! :)

nancy said...

It even had a bulb! I'll put it up in the fall when the days are shorter...

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