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Aug 14, 2012

Global Drought & Food Prices, Finding Free Chicken Food, Free Cheese Recipes!

A "cook book" that looks fascinating
for any living in quake, tornado or hurricane areas
Global Drought & Food Prices-
I'm posting more info on this, as I think some people still don't get it. Some can choose that path, but it may be painful. I have noticed in my own discount grocery stores that food prices are still going up. And the harvest season is not over. While not wanting to be alarmist- we need to put on our big girl/big boys pants and do some more work. Whining about not being able to afford a turkey for bird day in November won't get one on the table. Get it :) So here's a few things I found were concise and make some excellent points-

Special thanks to Ohio Farmgirl for the amazing links on her blog! Close Up Look At The 2012 Drought will be really helpful in understanding that this is a GLOBAL DROUGHT, not an American one. I have read this basic info plenty of other places, and please take the time to read it. START BUYING MORE FOOD TO STORE, NOW. I don't mean over priced, plastic containers of kid-sized fruit servings. Buy gallons, they're easy to store. Join something like Costco if you can, (or something similar) if you don't have access to those kinds of canned foods. I know many of you can, and preserve food like in various ways. We're way ahead of the curve there. I'm going to be investing in some Gamma Lids at my regular grocery store, to go with my pre-existing buckets. With  much of our produce being imported from other countries who are ALSO having droughts, stock up. I'm doing what I can here and will keep at it.

Another point too- what do you do if your spouse isn't quite on board? Time for those "crucial conversations". Have them read more about this, do what you can. They'll thank you later :) I have talked to my adult children, but I think they don't get it :(  Don't forget your pets too, as most of those foods are also grain-based! And in the interest of feeding my chickens too...

Finding Free Chicken Food-
I was thinking the other day about how many places throw away scraps of fresh produce that would be great, free food for chickens. I'm going to nose around a one business I know, that serves meals to kids and throws a way a lot of food. Most daycare centers/preschools, retirement centers all do this, churches and any other places you can brainstorm about too. I think most people don't like actually throwing away food in the trash. It just takes some courage to ask and explain what you want, don't create work for them, and keep it simple. Give me some feedback if you have some ideas? Now that's recycling!

Free Cheese Recipes-
I found this little gem here Free Cheese Recipes Enjoy!!!


Michelle said...

Your right about prices going up. I am luck because my husband hunts. Right now our freezer is full of moose meat. Hopefully by Oct it will have Elk meat as well. We grow most of our own veggies. We also have chickens. I do buy flour, sugar and oil in bulk. Oil has already gone up 20%.

nancy said...

I want to get fishing but no one here that we know can tell me me where to go and what lures to use:(

Susan said...

Very true, very true. I am dry canning a lot of staples for this reason. On a note about free chicken food, I used to be able to go to the local grocery and get all their outdated produce - some of it was perfectly good 'me' food - but now, due to "food safety issues", they throw everything in a closed dumpster. Such a bloody waste. I have my non-chicken raising friends save their kitchen scraps and trade them a discounted dozen of eggs every couple of weeks. What lures to use? Find a fishing supply place and ask there. Or contact your DEC office. They can help. Or just go dig up some worms!

nancy said...

Yeah, I should try a fsihing place... Don't know what DEC is?

Candy C. said...

The grocery stores here do the same as where Susan is. :(
When we go fishing for bluegill or catfish, we just get some night crawlers from Wal-Mart, they work great!
I'm going to try to put up as much produce from the garden as I can this year. I usually sell my extras at the Farmers' Market but not this year.

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