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May 19, 2012

Solar Eclipse Sunday, Busy Busy, Busy, Thrifting

Annual Solar Eclipse- I hope to see something tomorrow late in the afternoon or night! Here's information on where you might be able to see it: You might need to check with your local news stations about the time.

Busy, Busy, Busy- My garden, and chickens, have been growing fast! Weather finally moderated, thankfully. With the 3 day weekend coming I plan on planting most of the veggie gardens then. I envy people who can stay home full time and take care of their gardens, sigh. I'm so far behind them. I bought rosemary last night to plant and some perennial dill. My cold frame lettuce babies have grown quite a bit since I took this photo earlier this week-

 I saw this great display on another blog from a farmers market, wow! Talk about a great tomato display!

Samantha checking out the new raised bed, before the dirt was added-

A slight case of gardener's feet- dirt and water :)

Thrifting- I got this on eBay this week, for $8.00 and I love it! It's like a shadow box, and about 13" wide. I'm going to do a minor repair, then it's up on the wall! It has a tin star with Rosemaling (Norwegian folk painting), a little straw hat on the upper right, dried flowers in the middle, tools on the left. It looks handmade-

I saw this on Craigslist at a local antique/junk store, how cute! Great use of distressed white paint and chicken wire. I need to go out there to see if they have some fun, smaller items for sale. Didn't have the price listed for this-


Candy C. said...

You're not so far behind, I just transplanted eggplant and peppers today and will do the tomatoes tomorrow. I just got summer squash and bush bean seeds in the ground Thursday.
I love those bowls in that last picture, I wouldn't have anyplace to put the cabinet but I could certainly find room for them! LOL!!
Love your eBay find too!

nancy said...

Thanks, yes Ilike their little bowls too! I will track that store down soon, as it's outside Boise a bit :)

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Cute cabinet (hutch) that you found...craigslist is one awesome place!! Hope you have fun working in your garden.


nancy said...

Thanks Linda and welcome!