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Feb 20, 2012

More Independence Day Challenge Progress & Great Website!

Photo from  What a gorgeous website! I want some Pineberries now!!!

I realized today that I was doing more than I probably realized! That's good, and since I had the day off work today, I did some projects:


Waste not- Should be waist not! I used my sewing machine and altered about 10 blouses, easy to do when you just take them in thru the sides/waist. Now they fit! It's great shrinking! I scored some great jeans yesterday from a thrift store...

Preserve something- I realized that I buy bulk periodically and stash it in my bedroom pantry closet (photo coming soon). I bought used doilies and washed and ironed someone else beautiful handiwork. I'll post new pics now that they're ironed.

Want not- Re-organized my hall closet, got rid of out-date meds, and kept what's useful.

Snow's melting, dang!

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