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Feb 18, 2012

Independence Day Challenge- So Far, Re-Do

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Independence Day Challenge- So far here's my progress...

1. Plant something- I am planning my next garden, does that count? Too cold to plant yet, BUT I will be deep cleaning the coop soon and spreading all the good stuff in the beds! I guess prep counts!

2. Harvest something- Eggs daily! They are so delish, I just can't figure out why Rosie stopped laying after 1 1/2 years??? Lazy girl...

3. Preserve something- My own food in the fridge right now. I would have to use store bought food to preserve right now, not big on my list. I'm still eating my canned items from last summer, though!

4. Waste not- I'm doing much better cooking with what I have, and since I'm losing weight/eating healthier. We're saving money there too! Recycling out my old clothing. I'm also buying more (smaller!) used clothing for work, since I am working towards a few more sizes down. I don't want to but a lot of new clothes for a couple of months. School's out in June then it's shorts and tee shirts! They're cheap!

5. Want not- I'm saving Sam's leftover surgery meds for any future emergency, re-using my daughter's bulb pot she gave me for some plants indoor house plants, getting ready to deep clean our linen closest. I know there's a bonanza of misc. meds, and stuff etc. in there! Dave and I got a great deal at the Reebok Outlet store- cheap sneakers already and we got the "2nd pair 1/2 off". We each got a new pair of walking shoes (I wear them to work) and saved a bundle. It pays to shop around. I will always check there first! My $60 shoes were $15.00!

6. Eat the food- I have been doing a lot more home cooking, fresher, and much easier to track what I'm eating. I will say working with a dietician (free thru my work) makes you much more aware of what you eat.

7. Build Community Food systems- Working on that one, but I buy local whenever I can. It's just off-season right now, only herbs locally.

8. Skill up- Improving my photo and thrifting skills!  It has a whole new look! I haven't had to time to check out all the new features, but I will be submitting an article to win some $!

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