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Jan 25, 2012

Big Dietary Changes & Shopping In My Closet

Big Dietary News- My big change recently has been I'm losing weight! I am down about 15 lbs. from December. I'm proud of my self for making this change for the right reasons- my health. I saw a nutritionist who was great- nothing to sell, just "what do you want?" I am eating primarily whole foods, no "diet" anything, smaller portions, and following my own eating plan.

Years ago I did Weight Watchers, and I hated the meetings- people who had gained back all their weight and drank a gallon of diet soda there. Ew, not inspiring to me. I tried another complicated, expensive eating plan three years ago over the summer. I lost weight, but couldn't keep up the meals after going back to work. In my experience extreme "diets" don't work. Extreme working out binges don't work either. I eat what I want, and use this to track it-  I don't have to guess what I'm eating, and I can add specific foods to the database if I want to. I'm down almost another size or two (I was between sizes). I was finally ready to treat my body better, and I'll add exercise soon. My bike is calling my name, once it warms up a bit and drys out!

My energy is up, and I feel better. My allergist said yesterday "your skin looks amazing!", three times! Giving up the dairy did it for me. It took a good week or two to lose some craving, but now I'm past it. Almond milk works fine. I'm also trying some (not all) of the concepts of the-
Primal Blueprint eating ideas- 
I have the book on hold at the local library, but I see the whole grain problem. I'm still eating some, but about 50%-75% less. Good article here on his-
Top 6 Anti-Inflammatory Foods- 6 Foods
If you have arthritis, asthma, etc., it's an interesting read.

Shopping in My Closet-  What's really been great has been shopping in my closet! I had clothing I had bought when I lost weight three years ago this summer. I can wear some of the clothes now! It's awesome! I also got rid of some of the bigger clothes last weekend. I also bought a like new Land's End squall parka at a thrift store for $10.00 three weeks ago. I could barely get it zipped up (2 sizes smaller). I can get it zipped now, but it's snug. Another few weeks and I think I'll be able to pull in the drawstring waist! Oh boy! I have some other clothes I bought a size below where I was three years ago, that will be great too!



Candy C. said...

You go girl!! Isn't it fun to be able to wear some of the clothes that haven't fit in awhile?!? :)

nancypo said...

Yes, and I'm getting more energy!

Julie said...

I felt like I had more energy when I got off processed foods too. And now that I'm starting to exercise I have even more energy. Think of all the things you can do when you have more energy and feel better......losing weight is just a bonus!