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Dec 3, 2011

Tiny Houses and Free Techy Fun!


Tiny House Film- While it's not for everyone, I find the tiny house movement really interesting. Amidst the materialism and McMansions, it's great to see people willing to push the boundaries of what makes a "home". Tiny, The Story of a Small House is a short documentary about Christopher Smith’s process of building a tiny house from scratch with no building experience in the mountains of Colorado. The film also follows the lives of other families around the country who have downsized their lives to less than 400 square feet. This is from

What are your necessities for a home? How much do you need? I think I could do 500 feet maybe. I also love home made out of alternative, recycled materials, like these-

grain silo

Shipping container or "ISBU’s" inter-modal steel building units 

Techy Free Fun-                                                   
Want to watch the sunny tropics at home while you look at the snow flying in your yard? Or see what's going on all over the world? Try


Kristina said...

I love the silo home. So fun and comfortable.

Candy C. said...

Our house is 1350 and it feels pretty tiny sometimes, especially the four months that Jerry's mom was staying with us!! LOL!!

Michelle said...

Living in a small house would definably make me get rid of all the junk I have collected. I have put you on my blog list. I think my followers would enjoy your blog.

nancypo said...

Thanks Michelle! The more the merrier!!!