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Nov 20, 2011

Ice Skate Decor & Jan Brett Book Signing

Ice Skate Decor on the Cheap-

I found this last year, from and decided to make my own!

Last summer I found 2 old skates for $3.00 and last week bought some picks from Michael's craft store. It was about $7.00 for those. Here's the first finished one for our front door, and I'll have a 2nd one too, for work maybe-

Jan Brett Book Signing- I was able to go to a book signing today at a local store, for acclaimed children's author and illustratortor Jan Brett. I LOVE her Scandinavian inspired art. When the Fred Meyer salesperson asked why I had a poster for her to sign, and not a book, I explained my library hadn't had a book budget for 3 years. She was kind enough to donate a book! I happily recieved a copy that she signed of her new Home For Christmas-

Great website, with a huge amount of free things for kids, printables, games and more-

1 comment:

Candy C. said...

Your ice skate door decor turned out wonderful!!
I will have to check out Jan Brett's website, thanks!