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Jul 19, 2011

Babies and Projects

The "babies" are getting bigger every day! Ellie has figured out she can fly, and perch on, the top of the big feeder in the coop (where Rosie can't bug her). She fell asleep on my shoulder this afternoon, poor kid was tired! I put them both in the coop for "naptime". They're using the perch more-

Here's Ellie hanging out on my shoulder, she's a snuggler! I look like a hunchback, as I had to level her out!

Now they're starting to rest/nap in the doorway of the coop-

New Project- transformation of old sewing cabinet I bought, has tons of storage! "Before" shot-

I'll be painting to jazz it up and get rid of the old, dark finish. Then I can start sewing!!!

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