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Jun 29, 2020

Record Rain & Cold for June! Chick Ark and Garden Progress

Record Rain and Cold for June!
We got into the nineties two days ago and then this morning it was 48 degrees and pouring rain. A high of 60 degrees. A cold front blew in last night with some rain, thunder and a little lightning. This is getting kind of old! While I love having the greenery it's been challenging doing things outside. Neighbor's deck this morning-

Forecast this week-

Big storm today- 

 Chick Ark and Garden Progress-
I had our little girl chicks out in the garden after they "graduated" from being inside. Dang weather. We built a great little enclosure, separated from the two hens, hawk proof, to get everyone acclimated-

Yesterday I debated on either locking them up in the big coop with the big hens, but I thought there might be some aggression issues. Heavy rain was on the way. They've only had a few times out in the main garden with the big girls! Dang weather!

I decided to just cover their enclosure to keep them as dry as possible last night. It looked pretty funky but it seemed to work pretty well. This morning and afternoon after hard rain it was 90% dry inside. I used the painting tarp over the big tomato teepee area and then added wired-down clear plastic sheeting over most of the rest of it-

Girls nice and dry on upper deck, pine shavings and dirt dry below-

In the garden it's definitely is green from all this rain! The cabbages are doing great-

Kale ready to eat! Tomatoes on the other side growing fast!!! 

It is supposed to be in the 90's for my four-day weekend for 4th of July, happy dance! What's your weather doing???


Mama Pea said...

Your weather sounds as if it's been a little wonky, but whose isn't? Now that we're into summer weather (up into the 80s, but not 90s -- at least not yet -- for us), we need more rain than the 1-1/2" we got last night. But we're mighty thankful for that 1-1/2" as it will help all tremendously. We cooled off over night, no doubt because of the thunderstorm and rain, and we're seeing fog this morning which is something we've not seen since last fall. What's to come? Your guess is as good as mine. The predictions sure haven't proven to be true!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

I know sure is crazy, unstable weather. Funny, we're supposed to be high desert here and you guys are the North woods!

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