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Jan 5, 2019

DIY Lemon Topiary, Cubicle Reveal

DIY Lemon Topiary-
It was 18 degrees and gray this morning, yuck! A snow storm on the way tonite, but sounds like it will probably hit the foothills and mountains more. I love the snow, sure beats the look of the cold frozen brown ground! Driving is not that hard, when you take your time. With that grayness in mind I was thinking I should add some pops of yellow to the house in the winter. I already had a few things in the house, as well as for my new desk area at work. I had made this fun topiary a few years ago and decided to make another-

I used the blue pot I already had, post here Lemon Topiary  with directions here  I did use hot glue on the twigs however, not wire. You could use any kind of pot, but last summer I bought two of these Ikea metal pots-

I used the larger one for this little tree-

When I put away the tree I thought I could re-use it for a topiary! Easy enough to remove the insides later if I wanted to. I did the same basic directions, took about 15 minutes. I already had everything except the lemons, $5.00 at Michael's. Fun thing to do when you need a little change!

I decided to use the mini-lemon garland I bought for work at home-

I put them on my little kitchen shelf-

They looked like this when I bought them-

I removed the "limes" and re-strung this since they were an odd brown color. I bought them at I first saw them here, and fell in love, in this blog post-

I loved the way she created a little tea shelf/area. I also bought the little Scottish Tea Time Recipes book. The mini-lemon garland was one of those little things I really liked, but couldn't find. A few years later I found them! Happy dance. More yellow to come, thinking about a lemon wreath on our front door in the summer...

Cubicle Reveal-
Speaking of yellow,  the cubical decor is more minimal than I was thinking I'd do, but I like it! I printed/framed the little sign and hung the mini wreath.

Lavender in the corner (I may move) and yellow appreciation gift from my former boss. I decided to use the little plant stool at home-

It's odd I have no papers for the rack! I'm working in an almost 100% digital environment. I may see if I can just remove the shelf and store. It's funny, I found out there are rules as to how much you can put up on your desk. Apparently there may have been a few people who really overdid it in this area. Anyway I like it and can add some seasonal things over time to swap out. I LOVE my sit/stand station! Nice to be able to stand up at work... 

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