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Oct 9, 2018

Thrifting Scores, Hand Surgery Progress

Thrifting Scores-
It's 45 degrees and pouring rain today, clearing a bit now. Good day to be inside! First snow for the mountains is due!!! UPDATE**** We had almost 1" of rain, and set a new record!***
The geraniums are inside now, Basil outside will be pesto this weekend. A branch came down today so the tree guy is coming tomorrow for a bid to trim our huge maple and apple trees. It's much cheaper for pruning in the fall, after the leaves are off. We'll shoot for next month probably.  

We've found some great deals in the last couple weeks at various thrift stores and on eBay. I also took 2 bags to donate and a box of household items. I found a little wooden sign, above, for $5 at Goodwill, also found the two hanging Day of the Dead colorful signs for a buck each-

At the thrift store in McCall I found these brand new Born sandals, $5.00 saving them for next summer-

We went out Sunday since I was bored out of my gourd being at home for 3 days. We went to a different Goodwill and I found a nice, deep, embossed turkey serving platter, $6 which now has ripening green tomatoes on it.  I asked Dave to harvest them before it rained and hit the 30's-

I also found a DVD at one of my favorite movies The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and a new Land's End fleece textured top, great for winter.

On eBay I found an LED European-style star string of lights. I haven't a plugged them in yet since I had to order a European to US current converter. The cord is basically clear so you really just see the stars. I've been looking for these for years after I'd seen them online.

I'll post a photo once I get the converter and have it plugged in. The converter was 3 bucks and the lights were 10 so it was a pretty good deal all in all. The lights also have box w/3 settings- steady, slow flash or fast flash. I'll use them in the kitchen.

 Hand Surgery Progress-
I had my hand surgery Friday morning and so far so good. Dave has taken great care of me! Having anesthesia is always a really strange thing because it makes you feel pretty loopy. They start off of Valium to relax you and then I had Versed which made the lights on the ceiling move around in an interesting fashion. After that I went into surgery with a "heavy sedation" instead of "full anesthesia". Next thing I knew I woke up and was all done. I had breakfast when I got home and took some medication and went to sleep for a few hours since I was really groggy. By that evening I felt pretty alert but pain medication always makes you feel a little off as well. I slept couple of times during the day, but made it through the yesterday without any naps, which is good. I'm off my pain meds, just using Aleve and Turmeric. I'm keeping my hand elevated and iced or it really swells up. It's pretty awkward being right-handed and having to use my left hand for everything but I'm getting used to it. I will be off this week and go back next Monday.  This Thursday I'll get my next brace which is much better, more use of my fingers, probably like my last one-

So I'm going to be doing a lot of reading at home this week and catching up on movies.


Debbie said...

Wishes for a smooth and quick recovery from your surgery. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of my favorite movies too!

Mama Pea said...

It all sounds as if your surgery recovery is moving along swiftly. Wow, such a HUGE bandage you've had on your hand initially. Glad you've had a good sidekick there to help you through this! (They sure come in handy - no pun intended - at times, don't they?) ;o}

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Debbie and happy to get my second brace tomorrow so I will be more functional. Glad I saw that movie in the theater originally spectacular scenery and Iceland

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes it is a big bandage and small plaster cast under all this gauze. Dave spend great picking up all the slack and taking care of me while I was under pain meds. Kitty Anya is also a lot of company while I'm home alone

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