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Sep 15, 2018

September Is National Preparedness Month, Styling A Glass Dome

September Is National Preparedness Month-
With hurricane Florence on the East coast it's a good reminder that September is National Preparedness Month! It's getting cooler here and wearing my first flannel blouse of the season. October tends to bring our first big storms. Interestingly enough the Farmer's Almanac has predicted our first SNOW will be in October! I'll be prepping the coop soon and getting ready for winter. Yep, WINTER! I have several links with really great information on what kinds of things you may want to have on hand. There's also tons more online. There's also a link below about how to save money while prepping. Don't forget one of the main things you need to have on hand is water as you may not have access to some depending on what kind of emergency you might have. Extra food, fuel, pet foods, baby/child items, OTC and prescription medications are always a must. We just stocked up on canned goods, batteries and I am storing more water. While we have a 55 gallon rain barrel it would need to be filtered (we have a filter) but we have to empty it for the winter. I can buy a gallon of water for $1.00 each, so it's easy to buy a few at a time. I personally don't favor reusing milk jugs, etc. for water storage. Some folks can also use alternative methods for heat, woodstove (still want one) or have a generator. We have a camping stove and several Kero heaters, but not for indoor use. We could use in the garage for cooking in a vented area. 


This display had a really great group of items on the shelf as far as preparedness. Bleach is a really great disinfectant either straight or diluted. Things like paper plates, buckets, garbage bags, TP, protein bars, first aid items, etc. Tips to save money here Budget Friendly Preparedness Kit

It's great to think about your neighbors too and how you could help each other. Great post here Climate Change and Building Our Community  Thanks Wendy!

Styling A Glass Dome
The photo below of the Ikea painted step stool on Pinterest (couldn't find original link) gave me the idea about buying this glass dome. I had wanted one for a long time but they tend to be more than what I wanted to spend. I ordered hand towels from Ikea online and saw they had a great deal for $9.00. It has a nice, solid wood base and is 4" x 8" high. The ones in the store had a shiny gold base, not my thing. When I saw the little printed card inside below I thought what a great idea! After mine arrived I printed my own with a free printable off of Google. For winter I may put a small snowman or something else inside. Inspiration-

My version below. I tried multiple time to get a good shot, but glass is shiny! Best I could do-

The great thing about these is you can put anything inside them! I saw Star Wars toys, sea shells, feathers, Lavender, you name it! You can stack on top of books, and use multiples in different sizes.  Ikea sells two, mine's the smaller one. Here's something very similar-


From Ikea

From Ikea


Rain said...

Hi Nancy :) Great reminder of preparedness. I have to say at this point, we're okay for water storage, food and a bit of electricity where we can recharge our phones/laptops from the car. We are still renting and have a fireplace, but boy it wouldn't keep us warm in this winter. I get nervous in the winter...we can't really afford a generator at this time in our lives, so we just have LOTS of blankets in case of a prolonged power failure this winter!

I love the idea of a snow scene under that glass! :)

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks, we have lots of blankets, etc too. No generator here either.