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Sep 26, 2018

DIY Framing Poster Kit, Chicken And Pea Tray Bake, Autumn Day Trip

DIY Framing Poster Kit-
After buying my lovely $5 wildflower poster from the University of Utah Science Museum I wanted to frame it. After getting sticker shock looking at regular frames I decided to go with this $15 version. It's two dowels made of oak and one of the dowels has a cord across the top. The dowels are actually half dowels, with a very sticky double-sided strip on the back. When I got it in the mail I read the simple directions and got to work. Basically I turned the poster upside down and lined up the half dowels I made sure they were centered and did the bottom first. I basically rolled the dowel sticky side down on to the bottom of the poster. Then I did the same thing on the top. I had the dowel on the top of the paper a little bit below the edge and then rolled it on to the edge sticky side down-

I pushed really hard on both side and gave it a really good push. It stuck really well and I love the way it looks, so for $15 I'm happy!

Chicken And Pea Tray Bake-
I was watching Nigella Lawson's cooking show on PBS a while back and saw this recipe. Basically you use a cookie sheet, poor 2 lb of frozen peas on it, mix the other ingredients and pour over the peas and the sliced leeks. Toss well, then you put the chicken thighs on top skin side up. Next to drizzle with olive oil and a little salt and roast everything. Dave and I both found the dish a little bit too salty so I would cut back on that next time, but it was great otherwise! The peas still had a little bit of bite and the chicken was super moist with a very crispy skin. The idea is that the frozen peas release some steam/liquid and helps keep the chicken super moist. You could also try try this with other kinds of vegetables. It's a keeper!

Payette Lake

Autumn Day Trip-
Dave had really been wanting to go up to McCall recently and so Friday I told him let's go. We went up for the day Saturday and it was cool and windy and gorgeous. We went to our favorite brewery restaurant for lunch, hit our favorite thrift store where I found a new pair of Born Shoes for $5. I also found something fun for a blogger's son that will ship that to him soon. We stopped at a park and watched the lake and a lone sail boat -


We drove all the way around the lake and on the North side the wind was really strong and the waves looked dark and angry-

It was about 68 degrees and partly sunny but that wind was cold. We hit a nice pastry store on the way out, no need for dinner when we got home! It was really a great way to spend an autumn day up in the mountains, seeing the leaves changing and people bundled up a bit. We're going to go back for anniversary in November to spend the night, looking forward to that.


Susan said...

That's interesting about the recipe - one would think that the peas would be mush! I will have to give it a whirl. Looks like a lovely vacation-ette. It's always good to get away for a day or two.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes nice recipe!

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