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Apr 14, 2018

Natural Pain Remedies For Injured Chickens, 'Prepper's Survival Retreats' Book Giveaway!

Natural Pain Remedies For Injured Chickens-
Poor Gwynne, she gets picked on, gets sick, and now appears to have either a fractured pelvis or hip issue. This week I saw her in the garden run limping terribly. I picked her up and checked her. No wounds that I could see, bleeding, etc. Dave said a night or so ago he saw her fall off the coop perch, probably pushed off by another hen.  I left her outside for another day, then realized how much pain she was in. She would walk around a little, then collapse on the cold, damp ground. With 32 in the forecast I brought her in. She was hungry and thirsty. I think she hadn't been going in the coop much to eat or drink. She warmed up and rested in the kitchen chicken hospital, large laundry basket-

She can stand up pretty comfortably but starts breathing hard when she sits down. I think she may have a fractured hip or pelvis? Best guess. After doing some research I bought some Boiron Arnica pellets-


Very small-

 After doing some research it appeared I could give her a "dose", so I decided to just start with one pellet. I also put her in a larger space to observe, a tarp under our chick outdoor enclosure (thrifted) in the kitchen-

I dosed her twice with no seeming effect. She appears to be really hurting laying down, breathing hard. More comfortable standing up. So I mashed up a full dose of 5 pellets into applesauce, but she wouldn't eat it. I use the small amount of water in a cup and put in 10 pellets, a double dose. After dissolved I added a pinch of sugar and loaded that into a small pet's oral syringe. Dave had to hold her and I gave her 1 dose. Waiting to see how it goes, time will tell. I didn't see much effect, so gave  her a 2nd dose tonight. Here are some good resources to start with if interested in more chicken treatment ideas-   Arnica and Calendula For Poultry    Pain Meds for Chickens  If you have any other suggestions, please post a comment! Sadly can't do a Vet visit.

Prepper's Survival Retreats Book Giveaway-
When I was approached by Molly at Ulysses's Press to review a book I was excited! What kind of info would it have? The title certainly sounded interesting. She sent me a copy and it's really pretty fascinating! One of the things I've learned about the Depression in the last century the people survived reasonably comfortably because they were prepared and have a certain skill set. They also had a home/property that was set up to grow, preserve foods and be more self-sufficient. I don't know, however, if those people were also concerned about security issues? I gave the book a look , lots of great info, and here are the chapter titles, in order-

A brief history of collapse, What do you need to survive, The big questions, Purchasing an existing home, Can you make it here? Building or renovating your survival retreat, Survival groups and your new retreat relocation, Whittling down a short list of properties. 

There are some graphics and photos scattered throughout the book and lots of interesting questions like- timing is everything, how soon do you want to make this happen? So if you're interested in winning this book all you need to do is leave a comment below and follow me on Facebook. It's that simple! I will do the drawing at the end of this next week, post the winner and then ask you to email me your shipping info. I've already seen lots of other great reviews, what I've seen so far I really like, is very relevant and very practical.


Susan said...

I'll be interested to know if you were able to come up with a solution for her pain. I am dealing with something similar, although I think she injured herself when we had all the ice. She gets around okay, but is not comfortable. This is usually the time of year when the weaker, older hens just give up the ghost - having barely made it through the winter. I am always sorry to lose my older girls.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Hi Susan, I don't really know if the arnica did anything since I couldn't really see any big effect. I had to decide what to do with her ultimately so I decided to put her back out with her flock, she seemed to perk up quite a bit, but is still having trouble moving around. I looked at other Alternatives and decided to let nature take its course. I think she's four or five but she was definitely the smaller of the three birds. Lesson learned I will not be buying the slightly smaller breed ever again. She was always picked on because of that and I didn't really know that her breed was a small she is. She is a petite sweetie! But so far she is hanging in.

Rain said...

I'm sorry for Gwynne's pain...poor little gal, getting picked on like that. :( I hope you find a solution. Vet visits are ridiculously expensive for us lately and we're just fed up. I bought a few books on holistic pet's just for dogs and cats though.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes there's little to no chicken vet care here, and can't justify the $$$ even if I could find one. She didn't come down from her perch today, so I brought her outside. Letting nature run it's course at this point. Not hopeful.

Chas' Crazy Creations said...

I'm so sorry that you are going through this. Thanks for sharing on To Grandma's House We Go as someone might be able to help or learn from your experience.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Chas, more coming soon.

Mama Pea said...

We've heard about that book, too, and I have it ordered from the library so we can check it out before purchasing it. Good reviews so far from others.

Chickens are so hard to diagnose. Sometimes letting nature take it's course is the most sensible way to go. You've done all you could do to help. She certainly looks healthy on the outside anyway. Hope she makes it.