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Nov 25, 2017

Winding Down/No Christmas Yet, Now on Facebook! Chicken Sun Room In Action

Anya winding down

Winding Down, No Christmas Yet-
I was thrilled to get off work at noon Wednesday, since I had the afternoon to prep for turkey day. I LOVE 4 day weekends! After a whirlwind Thanksgiving day here, it was nice to have yesterday to myself. Sadly Dave had to work. I worked on various projects, including my blog. I'll be putting away the Autumn and Thanksgiving decor this weekend. Next weekend I'll put out some Winter decor. It's my birthday weekend too! I REALLY don't like the American emphasis on binging on shopping, putting up Christmas decor after Halloween, and radio stations are the worst. A week before Thanksgiving I was hearing Christmas music. Sad and aggravating. Christmas, when I was a kid, was a tree, simple gifts, going to church and time with family. No black Friday, no knocking people out of the way for gifts. One possible GOOD side affect of Internet shopping is maybe the stores will do away with that. Maybe. I really appreciate the simplicity of the way Europeans celebrate holidays, bringing nature inside and less materialism. So I'm not putting up anything Christmas-y for at least another week or two. With lows forecast in the 20's at night this week, we put on our flannel sheets and plugged in the heated birdbath (thrifted). The coop is done, Dave raked more leaves today, cleaned the mower for the season and stores. I put away the garden bench tools and covered it with plastic sheeting for the winter. It sits on our deck year round, next Spring I'll repaint it to freshen it up.

Now on Facebook! 
I decided recently to take the plunge and start a Little Homestead Facebook page. I'll be adding extra content on a regular basis. Please hit the sidebar to follow to see what we're up to! Thanks!!!

Chicken Sun Room In Action-
After a heavy rain Thursday night, the girls really enjoyed the drier sun room yesterday and today! Dave added pine shavings later today for odor control. It's made from recycled materials, Dave built the frame, and we just dis-assemble each spring and store. Nice and dry, with a great view. There's a door inside the coop that goes into it. Sturdy and a great extra space for the girls!

Neighbor kitty Posey stopped by for a pet

Better shot

  I found my photo of Thanksgiving in 2014, snowy!

Sun room covered in snow, but dry and warm inside for the hens

Girls came out for some rolled oats, a fave treat, from the left- Rosie, Gwynne, Ellie

Heated birdbath ready for winter! Herbs still hanging in there :) 


Kristina said...

A lot of our herbs look pretty good here too. In fact, I need to weed my garlic because of so much rain and lack of snow this season.

Mama Pea said...

I, too, really, really dislike even the term "Black Friday" let alone all the spend, spend, spend hoopla attached to it. I'd no more go out shopping this weekend than fly to the moon. When I was growing up (centuries ago) the sales didn't appear until AFTER the holiday season. (Duh, maybe that's what's wrong -- well, one of the things -- with our economy today.) I always looked forward to getting a little money for Christmas so I could buy something I wanted at those sales.

Love the cozy set-up you have for your chickens. Lucky clucks they are!

Rain said...

Hi Nancy :) I'm glad you had some time off. I despise anything that has to do with going shopping. Really hate marketing more than I can express. I do as much online shopping as I can but some things you can't avoid. Right after Halloween, the stores start their Christmas push here, since our Thanksgiving is mid-October. I put on the Christmas music while I bake cookies every weekend, but that's about it until mid December when I'm really in the spirit of things! :) Nice chicken house! :)

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Kristina, I need to grow some garlic sometime.

Mama, I remember that too, the after Christmas sales! Hens are happy in the colder weather for sure :)

Rain, I hear you. Thanks, the hens love it.

Susan said...

Oh, I loved that photo of Anya! You wonder how they breathe! There is nothing that will drive me out of a store than the loop of holiday music that drones on and on and on, starting two minutes after Thanksgiving! I hold out until it actually FEELS like the holidays!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes I agree and it seems to start earlier and earlier every year. I think a lot of people are just burned out from it but apparently not everyone

kristen said...

What a funny photo of your cat! Cats are such silly little creatures ;)

Although black friday is crazy, for sure, I admit to being one of *those people* that enjoys Christmas music after Halloween. It's my absolute favorite type of music and I look forward all year to hearing Bing, Gene, Dean and Nat singing all my favorite carols :) Three short weeks after Thanksgiving isn't enough for this Christmas lover!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes cats are pretty funny and they know how to stay cozy! I actually really love Christmas music to I think it's just the crass commercialism that the US has moved to.