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Nov 4, 2017

Amazing Cheap DIY Shoe Repair! Winter Is Here & The Last Roses, Cheap Reads For You Reading Fans

Amazing Cheap DIY Shoe Repair! 
This spring I bought these really cute shoes on eBay. I love Haflinger shoes, but they are VERY expensive, made in Germany. I love the fact you can resole them. The other 2 like-news pairs I have I also bought on eBay. The eBay photos showed some discoloring on the soles. When they arrived the darker part was sort of brittle, like they been exposed to heat? I decided to keep them, and stashed until this fall. I wore them for the first time last week, and over the course of the day they developed hairline cracks on the discolored area. The hard part was also slippery on bare floors, a safety issue-

What to do? Since the shoes were actually new (perfect otherwise) I called a local shoe repair store. I tried twice to find them, but couldn't. I stumbled onto a product that was a DIY shoe repair. After reading a LOT of reviews I thought I'd try it. I bought this Shoe Goo for $6.00 at a local fabric store, and boy does it work!!!

I read the directions very carefully. Use in a WELL ventilated area, and clean the soles. I used a craft stick, like a tongue depressor, and worked on a thin coat. I basically did a pea sized blob and applied, like frosting a cake. I bought the clear. All the reviews said go thin, then build up. I worked out in our garage-

I let cure (as directed) for a couple days. I found one tiny crack I missed so I will go over that. I only used 1/4 or so of one tube, so I have leftover Goo. So far love it! I wore them today, no more slippery soles. All in all I HIGHLY recommend this. People also use it for waterproofing things, so it's a flexible product. You can read reviews online.

I also discovered another great, low cost product! While I was on Amazon, buying Dave a refill for his electric razor (cheaper than blades) I found this Bench Scraper-

 Great for the holiday season for cleaning up cookie dough too!

I bought the marine blue, like a teal

I had been seeing these for a while on cooking shows. Great for chopping and moving fruits, veggies, pastry, etc. Most of the ones I saw were WAY over my budget. I just needed to stop leaving a trail of food on my kitchen floor! You know how you chop, scoop things up in you hands, walk to the stove, leaving a trail? That's me, multiple times. So I bought one, and it's great! They come in multiple colors, perfect! It sits by my sink now, ready to grab. No more food trails!

Winter Is Here & The Last Roses-
Winter is here! It was 32 this morning, with lots of snow in the foothills. Today we added more pine shavings to the coop, bought and put out more wild bird food, cleaned off the last of the flower pots on the deck. Last night it was 45 degrees and pouring rain. I went out and clipped our last roses-

Covered with rain drops

I trimmed them a bit and put in a Mason jar-

The smell is heavenly!

With tons of leaves on the ground, some pretty golden brown Ground Doves landed on the deck today. Usually when I see them they are a soft gray. I think they were a bit baffled about where to go, where's the ground? With a think layer of leaves, where to go?


still thinking...

Friend/mate came, they flew over to the raised bed

Grand baby River dropped by this morning, all rosy cheeked. He loved looking out at the falling leaves- 

Love the tie

Seeing the dogs behind the fence

Mr. River man!

Cheap Reads For You Reading Fans-
Winter is a great time to read! I stumbled on a great deal today if you're a big reader Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial For reading, or book listening on various devices. You can get all kinds of books, then just cancel at 30 days if you wish. Check it out! $3.00 is a great deal!


Debbie said...

My husband has used Shoe Goo for years - to fix shoes (he's has gotten lots of extra wear out of his soccer cleats and tennis shoes) and for other more creative things (actually used it to attach a tile to a piece of wood - tile hasn't moved in a decade). We're spending a year living in Beijing, China, and he had something he needed to fix and was sad that he didn't have his trusty tube of Shoe Goo. Haven't seen it in the stores here, so we're bringing some back with us after our Christmas trip home. Love to read your posts (and the several other blogs I read) as a little reminder of home.

Kristina said...

Good tip for the shoe repair.

Rain said...

I LOVE shoe goo! Last winter my boots had cracks in them all over, but funds were too tight to replace them. I just shoe-goo'd the heck out of them and they were and still are waterproof! I didn't take too much care so they look awful lol..but that saved me wet feet all last winter until I could afford a new pair :)

The roses look so beautiful! And my favourite birds! I LOVE the Mourning Doves, I love their coo...beautiful photos! :)

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Debbie! Yes I read people use it like "liquid duct tape"! How cool living in China. Always wanted to visit there!

Thanks Kristina.

Rain, thanks! Wished I'd know about it years ago, could've saved a ton of $$$. I love the doves that come here. Calm and pretty. And love my roses. It took me a while to find some scented ones. Odd, but the local generic roses here were gorgeous, but no smell, go figure?

Leigh said...

Your ground doves are just like our mourning doves, so interesting how they can have breed personalities. :) And thanks for the tip about shoe goo! Never heard of it. Do you think it would re-glue soles on? We used to buy Dr. Scholls shoes, but the soles always come off before the rest of the shoe wore out.

Cucicucicoo: Eco Crafting & Sewing said...

Very good to know! I'd never heard of this product, but have had problems in the past with soles coming apart. Thanks for sharing! :) Lisa

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Leigj you could try gluing the back on and not sure but it is really a great product. The main thing is to let it cure and harden up and follow the directions

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes I wish I had heard about it years ago when we were raising three children and had lots of shoes!

Susan said...

I have used a metal bench scraper for years - I can't cook without one! Those roses are completely amazing! What a beautiful color combination!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Susan and I'v wanted a bench scraper ever since I saw on a while back. Yes and I do love those Roses not only beautiful but amazing aroma