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Oct 29, 2017

Supporting My Blog, Happy Halloween! How Long to Store Baking Ingredients? More Tomatoes! Gorgeous Fall

Supporting my Blog-
I read something the other day about a Patchwork Income.While the idea has been around forever, many work multiples jobs, etc. it got me thinking. I get paid to work at my "job" that I work full time and I'm happy to do it. Wanting to branch out, I have decided to look into teaching some Urban Homesteading classes next spring/summer locally. I already have an interested group, maybe that will morph into an ebook? Then there's this blog, which I love! I have never made any money off of this endeavor. So.... I have decided to become an Amazon Affiliate to bring in a little money here and there to support it. I have added a Handmade For the Holidays link on my sidebar to some wonderful items at Amazon. If you click there and buy something I will receive a small commission. If you click on those links and purchase products, Little Homestead In Boise earns a small affiliate fee. The purchase price remains the same, you will NOT pay extra for these products. That's it! I may also have individual items in upcoming blog posts, all for things I find helpful. Things I have actually used and can recommend. I won't be selling any $400.00 stiletto heels :) So thanks for your support!

Bought this for my school library, love it!

Happy Halloween!
The candy is ready, the house is decorated inside and out. Let the games begin!!! Here's a peak....

Front entryway

Front door

Front porch

Dave put up pumpkin lights outside on the house

Front entry way 

"After" photo, much better!

How Long to Store Baking Ingredients?
I had a big, disorganized cabinet full of baking ingredients. I knew some of them were probably old and out of date. After doing some research on several sites I took everything out yesterday and today to go thru it all. I pitched the old, repacked the rest. Now I have 2 empty gallon jars, I will fill with pasta or something else to into the closet panty. It's good to know what you actually have, so you don't waste $$$. So here we go, I had-

Dried fruits

Flours, sugars, raisins, chocolate chips

More chocolate and cocoa! Seeds, sugars, bread baking components

When I was all done, time to make chocolate chip, walnut, oatmeal cookie bars! YUM!!!

After that I mopped with my super reliable steam mop, works great! No chemicals, just melts away anything sticky, no fumes, dries fast! Comes with two washable mop heads. Check it out here Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop  -

More Tomatoes!
I had the last of the garden tomatoes ripening on the counter, see above. I cut up all the ripe ones to freeze. It's so great to have six or seven good sized containers ready for this winter for pasta sauce, chili, soups, etc. All home grown, organic. Just a few left-

Gorgeous Fall!
The weather has been perfect this last week, 65 for the high, cold at night. Leaves are falling, and Dave mowed for the last time today. He emptied the little pond yesterday. Rain is expected later this next week. The collard greens are still doing well, using them up-

Herb box still hanging in there, will harvest and dry when it's colder-

Geraniums moved into the garage for the winter-

Are you ready for winter???


Rain said...

I am NOT ready for winter! The garden is...the house is...the car will be in a few days...but me? NOPE. :) But what can you do, grin and bear it right? Your cookie bars looks great! And congrats on those tomatoes! Wow, this late in the season, that's a great harvest! I hope your Amazon venture is profitable for you Nancy :) I'll be keeping an eye on your sidebar! :)

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Me too, enjoying the great weather. I love the fact that Amazon offers lots of different handmade items! And of course all their other great deals on things

Kristina said...

I have considered to do the amazon thing. I haven't yet. I am getting ready for winter now.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes, we're all getting ready! Cold this week later