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Aug 5, 2017

Thrifting Scores, French Country/Shabby Chic Ideas, Fire Season, A Different View

$2.50 Cute little nest display, I have plans for that!

Thrifting Scores-
We harvested our first peach today! Much more to come, and I will fill the freezer and can some. It's been hot and smoky, but we ventured out today! We hit two thrift stores while we were out. First I found two cute books for the grand babies-

69 cents, like new!!!

Each animal face has a flap that says "goodnight" underneath

This one from my fave author, Jan Brett-

I have been looking for one of these for years!!! Just a very small wall rack for my little bathroom, to clear the counter of daily use things, like-new $3.00, fits my beachy theme-

Dave mounted it on the wall with a few small nails, looks great! 

When I spot something vintage looking I stop and look! A little French here, translated to a grocery store list, $1.99. I'll hang it on my kitchen wall- 

 Keeping with some French country, $3.00-

More sunflowers, $2.00, great for summer or Fall, will take off the sparkly bow, maybe add a burlap ribbon?

Love it!

French Country/Shabby Chic Ideas-
Speaking of French country decor.... I borrowed several books from my local public library, only five minutes from my house. One I checked out was Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O'Neill, and it gave me some great ideas- 

While I'm not into the chandeliers, lace, etc. I've always loved old pieces. Worn by time and well-loved. Here are a few of my favorite shots- 

Kitchen, great use of faux stone wallpaper

Kitchen, love the textures

Note the tin roof section over the desk, brilliant!!!

Porch, what's not to love?
Love the light and wire fruit rack

Cheap couch rehabbed by simply stapling fabric over seat, smart!

LOVE this bedroom! More inspiration for my paint job next month! Maybe light blue???

Smoky view down our neighborhood street today

Fire Season-
Fire season and smoke has hit the West. The triple digit heat is bad enough, but I'm thankful for the A/C. It has been smoky the last few days, but today was the worst- 

We decided to drive up to Idaho City for lunch hoping it would be more clear-

A bit better!

We stopped at our favorite little spot Trudy's, with her vintage collections on the walls- 

The whole place was full of these kinds of things! Love it and GREAT Food!

Bedroom view, morning chickens out

A Different View-
So many photos I post show the back and front yard, but from similar angles. I realized this morning I never showed a different view from our master bedroom window, see above and below- 

Bird food I put out on the fence top
Hummingbird near the center, it LOVES that plant!!!

From living room, faces the backyard


So Sunny Day said...

What fun this post was to read! I love your thrifting finds, especially the little nests and that shopping list plate was too cool!

The pictures you shared are swoon worthy. And you garden looks so peaceful. We hope to have chickens within the year. They looked so cute!

~Emily from So Sunny Day

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

What a sweet and relaxing yard you have! Nancy

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes it was a good haul! Its taken years to get the garden where it is. 10 years ago just dirt and turf!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks! It was great watching a hummingbird back and forth yesterday

Susan said...

I love your coop/garden set-up - what a delightful view! That smoky sky is a worry, isn't it? Up here, we tend to not hear about all the fires out west. I hope there is relief soon. You have the most amazing luck with your thrifting! Your grands are going to love that treasure!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks and the smoke mostly limits my outdoor time too hard on my allergies. My husband and I joke about my Thrift Star radar going off. They're times I know I'm just supposed to stop and buy something. Thrifting intuition I guess haha

Leigh said...

Great finds Nancy! And I hope your fire season is mild this year. None for us so far, and it's been raining, so hopefully there won't be any for us this year.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

It's been mostly Smokey here but it seems like it's starting to lessen a bit. We're hoping for the little thunderstorm that supposed to come through to blow most of this out.