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Jul 11, 2017

Rain Water Harvesting in the Desert, Ideas and More!

Rain Water Harvesting in the Desert, Ideas and More!
I was re-reading some of this last night. While I don't live in desert (high desert) there are such great ideas out there! I wanted to share just a few resources if you do. This is really part of the Permaculture philosophy. This is a great website in Tucson-  They started doing "curb cut ins" years ago, allowing rain water to go inside the curb area instead of down the storm drain, literally. They shared their results with the city, it was legalized and is now incentivized. Here's shot below-

Curb cut-ins gather water

Before shot of a sad corner-

Curb cut-ins added, and landscaped below-

 Harvesting cactus fruit-

Building community with food!

More landscaping added-

The BEFORE again

Another website  has tons of ideas/photos. More here-

This is hands down on of the best integrated layouts I've ever seen. If more people would work with nature, see what they could do! Rock on!


Mama Pea said...

Yes! There ARE ways, aren't there! Just takes a little thinking a smidge outside of the box and wonders can happen.

Susan said...

The challenges we are facing in the future due to the changes in our climate, make it imperative that we all learn how to conserve and work WITH nature, as opposed to it. Very interesting subject!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Mama yes, I love their creative thinking!

Susan, yes, a giant ice shelf broke off in Antarctica today. Time to adapt!

wvhiker said...

I believe our cities learned water conservation after we went through an extreme drought in 2007-2008. We were living in Raleigh at the time and it got really bad; no washing cars, lawn watering, and asking people to limit toilet usage. The curb cut-ins seem like a good idea.
My wife and I were sorta looking at new locations to move to, maybe for good since our youngest is leaving us this year and we'll be empty- nesters. Boise was on our list but with the heat you folks have been getting it kinda took it back off the list. We are trying to escape the heat as it gets miserable here in NC.

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