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Jul 2, 2017

Independence Days Challenge, Summer Decor, Master Bedroom Re-Do Ideas


Independence Days Challenge-
It's getting to be another hot summer right now, triple digits for the 4th! We may stay in, as frying outside by the water doesn't sound that appealing. Maybe in the water all day, but otherwise, I'll pass. I love swimming, but 100 degrees is no fun, unless you're in the water all the time. We may go to a movie and have a little family dinner here. Right now we're watering a lot and keeping an eye on the yardens. With the 4th around the corner, I thought I'd visit this challenge again! Here goes....

1. Plant Something-
We just bought three more 1-gallon veggies, 1/2 price to add to the garden. 2 tomatoes and 1 small red bell pepper. $3.00 each, and fruit set already. I love buying these this time of year- 

 2. Harvest Something-
Lots of eggs! Chives, herbs, collard greens are ready, kale just about. Lots of peppers on the plants. Tons of fruit on the pear, apple and peach tree. Peaches should be ready in July, as I bought an early ripening variety. My roses are just exploding, I'm going to cut and bring some in out of the heat- 

3. Preserve/Store Something-
I have been hitting the local Grocery outlet, buying breads, frozen foods, amazing European jams cheap. I'm a sucker for their Danish jams, big chunks of fruit, very clean. 

4. Manage Reserves- Get a Good Deal/Barter/Stock Up/Prep-
Went to Costco yesterday, got great deals on Tabasco (huge bottle for $5.00), cat litter, much-needed windshield wipers. I've been keeping an eye on the pantry closet more. I need to do some deep sorting their. Bought some great used books on Amazon, more below.

5. Eat the Food- Try New Foods/Recipe-
I heard about Rachel Khoo quite a while back. I got a great deal for three of her (used) books on Amazon. My summer reading pile may be different than some, but some amazing, simple recipes

She was British and moved to Paris, studied French pastry at a chef's school, eventually had a BBC cooking show filmed in her tiny studio apartment kitchen. I found her Chicken Crouton Salad recipe 1st, using the chicken breast skins as croutons, then sliced breast meat, an iceberg lettuce wedge, with a buttermilk dressing. BRILLIANT!!!

I used my bowl of Service Berries from last weekend to make a compote to go with berry pancakes! I used the whole grain Kodiak mix, added cinnamon and a little sugar-

Compote with berries, sugar, a pinch salt, a little corn starch and water

About done!

Served with bacon, wonderful flavor! Similar to blueberries, but unique

6. Build Community Food Systems-
Sharing extra eggs with our girls, will hit a framer's market this summer, maybe. They tend to be either over-priced or lacking what I want.

7. Recycle/Re-Use-
I've been cleaning out more closets. I made a management decision (ha) that I will get rid of any summer work blouses I have to iron. What waste my time ironing? So I'll be donating those nice clothes. Time freed up for me. I loaded up my upcycled painted book tote for the grand kids-

8. Skill Up-
French cooking, for now.

9. Regenerate What is Lost/Salvage Something-
I have been doing a lot of mending on my clothing. Hemming repairs, reattaching buttons. It always amazes me that people throw away something missing a button! 

Summer Decor-
In the front yard I put out some mini flags, and wind spinners for the 4th. Inside I mixed summer decor with patriotic goodies. Here's a peek-

I wanted to brighten up the couch, then had a brilliant idea to drape my Grandma's quilt over it! 
It's Anya approved!

Beachy table

All thrifted items

My fave chunky prim handmade flag

Entryway dressed up for summer

Master Bedroom Re-Do Ideas-
I painted our master bedroom a nice peach when we first moved in. Something soothing. Now I want something brighter. I have about nine days off around Labor Day, so I'm planning on painting it. Here's the old paint color above. I'm shooting for a very white gray, like our master bath. It's really grown on me. I started a big Pinterest folder if you want to see some ideas I have?  I thought about doing a board /batten wall behind the headboard, but it wouldn't go with the furniture. I may do that later, if we get new bedroom furniture. I was hoping to get some from Ikea, but I can do much better carefully thrifting. We got a bedroom set years ago from Pier One, but I'm ready for something different. With the rattan I can't really paint it and I'm keeping the wall art over the bed. I'm inspired by these kinds of this looks- light walls, light or natural woods, simple and clean. Photos are from my Pinterest page -

From Ikea

Love the sea foam green!

Maybe Dave could build this? DIY Farmhouse Headboard


Saundra said...

The rattan on your bed looks indented from the frame. Have you thought about putting board & batten over it in the opposite direction from how you'd do you wall? Sandy in California.

Love you blog. Keep cool.

Kristina said...

I may have to join this once or twice this summer. Currently we planted arnica seeds (rain may have drowned them out), we are re-purposing barn siding to folks to tore our barn down (putting it up on a wall in their lake house), and I am learning to work with leather now. I haven't been at the farmer's market this season, and like you said they are high priced. I'm also working on my shooting skills.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

It's fairly curved which would be pretty tricky

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Good for you! I think doing this kind of list is helpful to encourage us all to do what we can

Rain said...

Hi Nancy! :) I think your challenge is good for any day of the summer! I'd like to copy it if I could, just for myself! But harvest will have to wait around here since I think summer just arrived this morning! I love the photos of the bedrooms.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes, but it's not MY challenge :) There's a little note of the top photo. This was inspired by Sharon Astyck. Great writer and self sufficiency person. You can google her for more info. I took her online food storage class years ago. Great person! It's a good way to review yourself and what you can do, where you are.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

She has 2 books, Making Home and Independence Days, loved them both!

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