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May 7, 2017

A Little Summer & Landscaping in Progress

A Little Summer & Landscaping in Progress-
We had a little summer this week, with Wed./Thurs. in the mid-80's. Friday a cold front moved in with rain, and it was 45 yesterday morning. Yesterday was gray, cold, windy, with no sun. Good time for yard work! Dave has pulled a ton of weeds, invasive grasses, and thinned some areas the last 2 weeks. I helped Dave move a couple of perennials yesterday to a new location. Today we bought some fill-in plants. One replaced a dying little spruce, another filled the space from the nectarine tree we had to take out, with a nice Cat mint plant. I chose all pollinators for our front sidewalk strip-

Purple Rock Candy Penstemon

Firefly Coral Bells Heuchera

LOVE the color!

 Red Twig Dogwood

We wanted something zero maintenance for the center of our front yard, except watering. While it's not a pollinator it will look great! They look awesome in the winter with their exposed red branches.
Next weekend we will lay some weed barrier and barkdust a couple areas. Keeps the moisture in and weeding way down.

Our Rhubarb we moved last spring looks much better this year, turning colors!

The stalks starting to get some color!

Craving some rhubarb I bought a 4-pack of strawberry rhubarb mini pies at Costco yesterday, yummy! 

Baby peaches

While taking a photo of our peach tree I noticed some leaf curl, not good. I found this remedy, but may need to spray some Copper this fall- Dealing With Peach Leaf Curl Naturally  I need to do more research. If you have dealt with this, please post a comment with what worked? Thanks!!!

Lots of vinca blooming too!


Rain said...

Hi Nancy :) I hope you find a solution for the peach leaf curl. You know, I've never seen a peach tree and it wasn't what I expected, I don't know what I expected...maybe like an apple tree but with peaches lol. The flowers are so beautiful!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks. I have contacted my local extension office and looking online for solutions...

Kristina said...

Everything looks beautiful. I have another week before I can plant flowers or seeds. It's still a bit chilly here.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes 40s at night here

Susan said...

I have yet to be able to put one thing in the ground! I am so frustrated...but I can enjoy your garden! Everything looks so good. I like your new plants - they should provide some lovely color.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

We were going to plant tomatoes this weekend but it's going to be 37 degrees on Saturday. Just too much wacky weather!

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