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Feb 4, 2017

Powdered Milk Taste Test For Food Storage, Two Corner Re-Dos, Spring Thaw?

Powdered Milk Taste Test For Food Storage-
Powdered milk for long term food storage is one of those odd "foods" that is hard to judge. With the variables of being able to mix easily, taste, ingredients how do you decide? Even if you don't plan on drinking the milk, it's great for baking and other uses. We all know what an apple, tomato or sugar tastes like. Not so much powdered milk. I found this excellent, well rounded review with a good cross reference of info, brands and ingredients. Powdered Milk Taste Test And Review !

For shorter term use I found Nestle's Table Cream an excellent replacement for cream. It is actually CREAM! It's best served after refrigerating. It could also be potentially watered down for milk, since it is cream. No sugar or junk added. I keep some on hand for when I need cream and run out. Pretty cheap at Walmart.

First corner re-do after photo

Two Corner Re-Dos-
You know how you have those small spots in your home that drive you nuts? Not quite working, and maybe just messy? I decided I had had enough of two spots today. The kitchen corner between my oven and fridge was # one-

Here's the before photo-

The bamboo box wasn't big enough for all the bread, bagels, etc. It also didn't really go with the rest of the kitchen. I emptied out this wood container that was full of faux flowers and a few vintage kitchen utensils before the photo-

I put the protein shake mix in the cupboard, whipped everything down. I found a basket in my bedroom that I emptied and re-used here-

Great size, looks better already, but kind of bare. So I added something else I had-

A small serving tray!

Then I added a vintage jar with faux lemons

I love it! No cost, just re-purposing items I already had. Things previously in the basket will be re-homed tomorrow. The bamboo crate will go inside the cupboard.

Next corner # two- desk area in kitchen

Messy and not very organized

I needed to sort papers, file better, but keep short term things on the desk where I could see them. I deep cleaned, purged, refiled, shredded. I removed the candle holder from the wood tote and stored the short term papers there-

It's the perfect size! Coupons on the right are in the big clip, easy to see

Much better and again all free! I donated the other things I didn't need. I may give the white tote a fresh coat of chalk paint (leftover), and a stencil, maybe?

Spring Thaw?
It was a whopping 47 degrees today!!! Snow is melting, slowly, which is good. We don't need any flooding! The streets still have walls of snow along the sides. The backyard was very slippery with water on top of packed ice/snow. More warm weather on the way ths coming week. One fatality already sadly-

My concrete bird in my herb box

Mr. Gnome survived however!

It's way too early for spring, but I can dream can't I? 


Mama Pea said...

No doubt about it, you really have an "eye" for decorating. And you're so right, it doesn't have to cost a lot of money . . . or not a cent in your recent rearranging! There are a couple of spots around here I need to attack and improve as you did. Thanks for the push in the right direction!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

My pleasure! I've been just doing more this year, looking at, from a voluntary simplicity mode, how much stuff do I really need? I aslo watched the Minimalism documentary on Netflix, inspiring!

Kristina said...

I'm doing the same thing, and utilizing what I already have. I emptied a basket in the living room, and put it to use holding yarn in my closet (for now). I love that little tray!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

I love that tray too, I got it from Ross, about $3.00! Plastic but heavy duty. I have a few I rotate...

Goatldi said...

What a difference a bit of time and temperature increase make. Sorry about the casualty in the herb box. You are inspiring on the interior design front. I have some places that need to be redone and trimmed down. So far I have rearranged my linen/fleece/quilting stash closet then realized that I am the only one who sees it. But heck I now have peace of mind. Perhaps you have motivated me to march to that next redo in our log house.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Well thanks!we all inspire each other. I should have stored my bird inside for the winter sadly. Lesson learned!

Susan said...

Thank you for linking that powdered milk taste test! It was so interesting - I've always wondered if there was an instant milk that I could drink in a pinch - most of the dried/instant/powdered milk I use is for baking. It feels so good to organize - even if it's a corner! We've gone back and forth, weather-wise, so many times, I've got whiplash.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Sorry I didn't answer this sooner, it went into the spam folder, but thanks!