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Sep 18, 2016

Tomato Harvest and Sauce, Copycat Olive Garden Salad, Extra Squash? Fall Road Trip, Great Deals!

Tomato Harvest and Sauce-
Last weekend we picked all the ripe tomatoes. I made a nice pasta sauce with Italian sausage, onions and fresh herbs from the garden. I added quite a bit of tomato paste as there was so much juice! Now it's all in the freezer for winter! I left a bit out for dinner, couldn't wait. I have at least one more good batch for next weekend. Lots of tomatoes this year! I think the soaker hose really helped with production.

Copycat Olive Garden Salad-
When we had some pasta recently (with my sauce!) I made this to go with dinner-  Awesome! I left out the tomatoes since we had a lot in the sauce. Yum yum! I did use Oliver Garden's salad dressing from Costco and substituted romaine. I haven't eaten iceberg lettuce for years, yuck. It's a keeper!

Look at those tomatoes!

Extra Squash? 
Lots of squash means chicken snack time!!! 

Ellie on the left, Rosie on the right :)

Fall Road Trip-
We took our daughter, son in law and grand baby to McCall yesterday. It was in the mountains and River's 1st road trip! He was did great!!! It was cloudy, drizzly but mild, about 62. There was so much fall color it really put me in the mood for Autumn. Time to swap my decor, but will save that for my to-do list for next weekend! We had lunch, drove around the lake and had some great time together. River slept a lot of the time, but when he was awake was in a great mood! Everyone complimented him and flirted at lunch time. What a sweety pie! 

Holding Grandma's thumb

Payette Lake

Great Deals!
One of my fave new great deals was this Live Simply/bird kitchen set, $5.00 at the Grocery Outlet. How cute!

My other great new deal was a new $80.00 (choking!) pair of Eddie Bauer jeans at the outlet store for $15.00. They were 70% off and I had a $10.00 off coupon. Out we went, I found them, tried them on and I scored! Nice and soft and well made. I have to laugh though at an $80.00 pair of jeans!!!!


Kathleen RosePrairieQuilts said...

Your grandson is adorable. How fun they are. Enjoy him. You did score on those jeans.

Susan said...

That salad looks good! River is just adorable - and he looks like he has a strong grip...

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes for sure!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes he was beaming at me the whole time when I got the camera out not so much