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Dec 12, 2015

Winter & Holiday Prep, Amazing Duet

Last year

Winter & Holiday Prep-
Sorry for the no-post weekend last weekend! My new job, which I really like, has impacted things in a subtle way. With a later schedule I get home after dark, jump into dinner and the day is mostly over. Ironically my daughter has started working there, as well as the wife of a former co-worker. When I mentioned to a few people that they were hiring, had good pay and great benefits some followed and applied and got hired too! Anyway, I woke up early this morning, 5:45 and finally got up while Dave slept. It's just Anya and I! She seems confused up why I am up so early since Dave's the early bird :) We have another major storm on the way, with a projected 2-3 FEET of snow in the mountains. Thankfully this winter seems to be normalizing, with rain and snow. Our back desk looked like this last weekend after a big rain storm-

The girls are enjoying their "sun room" and coop in the icky weather. It's snug, dry and lots of room.

In the sun room (made from recycled materials) in last last year's snow

Here's my girls having a snack break, with some fresh spinach-

When they see me coming to the coop and I say "girls, you want some food?" they know to run inside! 

I keep holiday things pretty simple. I laugh a bit when people have these "organization tips" for the holidays. Some people just really overdue it IMO. They run around and are exhausted which to me defeats to the whole idea. It should be fun and relaxing, and not about stuff. Maybe we're just a lot less materialistic? For instance I put out my winter decor 1st, then the tree a few weeks later. Lights went up outside last weekend-

cell phone, blurry sorry

It looks really festive. A neighbor came by while Dave put things up and said "my wife always tells me to look at your lights, they're so nice!" I think she's giving him a hint :) We have house lights, ice skates, snowmen, and snowflakes, we like it. Here's a few shots of some inside holiday kitchen goodies, many thrifted-

my Solstice vase with Dave's birthday branch lights he gave me :)

My table-top mini greenhouse transformed into a winter wonderland! I used Kosher salt in the base for the snow!

My nod to Scandinavian traditions, God Jul!

My vintage jars decked out!

My fave Chicken Tree!!! 

Spread it out and it's not so overwhelming. If you stay home full time, or when I had "winter break" then I could do more. Working full time you have to pick your priorities. We also don't emphasize gifts and baking. Most of us have cut way back on wheat and sugar, while we do indulge a bit. With our kids grown we do a gift exchange- everyone gets 1 name. It takes the financial burden off our kids (and us) to make or buy gifts for everyone. We really still enjoy our holiday time, it's just less about "stuff". I read this the other day on Facebook and LOVE the idea! Simple and easy! 

Anyway, I decided to make a new dish, for me, for Christmas brunch here, baked oatmeal. I'll use some home canned homegrown apples, my eggs, nuts and sounds delish!

I had some left over Pannetoni bread and turned it into french toast last weekend! Festive and yummy!

Amazing Duet-
I was channel surfing last week and PBS has had some amazing concerts on. I watched Josh Groban's Stages Live. It had a gorgeous theater, incredible orchestra and songs. Kelly Clarkson came out for a duet. When she sang her first note I almost fell out of my chair. WOW, I had no idea she could sing like that!


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WOW! That duet WAS amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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