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Sep 7, 2015

It's National Prep Month! Happy Labor Day!

It's National Prep Month!-
After seeing the blog post from it reminded me to review what kinds of preps I might need to look at? I do things throughout the year, like working on filling up my freezer over the last 2 months. I checked our emergency lighting last month- kerosene (heating too), propane, and batteries. I found this brilliant idea for lighting today, which I LOVE!!!

The Luminaid Solar Light  $24.95, fold flat to 3" x 5"

I always think about heating, food, fuel, transportation, prescription meds, OTC meds, appropriate cold weather gear if we had to bug out even locally. When it's 10 degrees you won't be wearing flip flops!!! Then there are thinks like books, card games (keeps you occupied), candy, coffees, teas. Here's how I did some prepping in the last few days- I bought 2 packages of chicken thighs, $3.00 each and 3 lbs. of bacon-

I re-wrapped the chicken, double bagged it and got out as much air as possible. When I do it this way I have zero% freezer burn. Split the bacon, froze half. I always use new bags and toss after opened. Off to the freezer they went.

Dave picked the last of the Pippin apples yesterday, one more 1/2 laundry basket full. That's it for this year-

cooking for applesauce

I must say LOVE my Roma canning food processor!  You can leave on the apple skins, seeds and it filters it all out. I run the pulp thru a 2nd time and you'd be surprised how much more puree you get out! For the apple butter I used a medium strainer for the silky smooth texture. Tastes great!

applebutter cooking down

Since I did 25 Qts. of apple slices already I did a small batch of apple butter and the rest is applesauce, spiced & regular. I make mine on the chunky side with a big strainer screen and ended with 13 Qts. total. It was a nice day to can outside, about 70 degrees! I use Ball's applesauce recipe and I tried this for the apple butter  I subbed 1 cup of brown sugar for white, as I saw that somewhere. I just put in the crock pot and walked away:) Sadly I only wound up with 3 1/2 pint jars. Next time I will use my own applesauce as a base, so I'll know how much I'll have. I wanted about 6 jars. I may make some today with my own applesauce. My time canning yesterday was about 6 hours, but worth it! I also took some breaks as my back was talking to me leaning over the sink that long cutting off wormy parts :) I saved the perfect ones in the fridge for eating. As Dave bit into one crunchy delicious apple I said "Isn't that satisfying since we grew it ourselves!" Amen. I think fruit trees are really such a great source of food, and certainly cost efficient!

Happy Labor Day!
Since I was basically canned all day yesterday, and Dave painted the new replacement siding all day, we are "resting" today. Going to a movie and a few light chores. Then  back to "work" tomorrow where maybe I can rest! Or at least sit down once in a while...


Kristina said...

Nancy, I have the same sauce maker. I'm slowly checking our emergency supplies too.

Mama Pea said...

Sounds like a wonderful Labor Day Weekend to me! Don't you just love the feeling you get when you've done some organizing in one way or another? And what can be better (or more important!) than making sure you have some good homemade food put by? (Well, maybe good warm boots for your feet instead of flip-flops. ;o] )

Nancy LittleHomesteadinBoise said...

Yes Kristina it's a good one. Mama I bet you're busier!!! Yes we do have good boots :)

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