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Aug 9, 2015

New Paint!!! New Little Visitors, Safe Coop Cleanup

New Paint!!!
After 10 years I decided it was time for some fresh paint in the hallway, living room and entry way. After moving college kids in and out, and all the dings/scrapes it was needed. We waited til we saw a 4th of July sale on paint, $10.00 off per gallon. We bought 2 , but needed 3, oh well. Since we decided to go a bit lighter than the current color I bought this, Behr's Golden Nectar. New paint it really is very cheap way to really jazz up your home with some new energy!!! I was going to go with Benjamin Moore paint til I priced it, yikes! Back to Behr, and $10.00 rebates...

Old paint color, B. Moore Straw

It's kind of a cross between yellow and gold/orange. Warm and light. Before we had straw, darker, More of a tan/slightly peach. It shows differently with the various light sources, LED, natural, etc.

painting station, wire rack and covers, Anya checking out

I spread the painting out over 3 days- 1 day for the back hallway with 4 doors and 2 linen closets, a LOT of brushwork! Another day for the entry way. Yesterday I did the living room. We put everything back on the walls today. Looks good, much lighter and brighter!!! I moved some prints around and gave away a few to my one daughter, win-win.

big color difference

Everything back to normal

My favorite Aunt gave me this antique print and frame years ago, looks good against the fresh paint :)
The Angelus By Millet

I saved my new thrifted candle holder and put it up after painting

New Little Visitors-
I have finally been successful in getting hummingbirds to hang around here! I have a teal one and a gray/brown one. My pal told me all about hummingbirds after I saw hers. I bought a couple feeders and change the food every 3-4 days. They come all day, off and on, and are very territorial! Little cutie pies :) I love watching them hang out in the trees and sometimes groom themselves. 

Safe Coop Cleanup-
With all the various things out there- the Hanta virus, Avian flu, and a bit locally The Plague, yes THE PLAGUE, Dave really suited up. We use the wonderful deep litter method, which uses 4"-5" of pine shavings. Composts, no odor, very clean. Dave cleans it out 4 times a year and it's good to protect yourself. Dave created his own Hazmat suit! Afterwards, he showered and I washed it all. Works great! Dave even found 2 dead snakes in the coop! Cool :)  Now our new bean bed is much more mulched, since it was a dead area under the shed. Looking good!

My 3 surviving Italian Bush bean plants


Kristina said...

Ah, yes, cleaning the coop requires the right attire. The new paint job looks great.

Katie C. said...

I found that Sherwin Williams allows me to buy paint on sale in the base color and come back later when I make up my mind what color I want it to be. A win win situation that saves me money!

Mama Pea said...

You are a whirlwind at decorating and sprucing up your place. Ever consider being an interior designer?

That's one sexy looking coop cleaner you have there. Can't beat a well-outfitted, good man around the house (chicken yard?), can you? ;o]

Susan said...

How nice and bright and light everything looks! It's amazing what a new coat of paint can do for a room. I love Dave's outfit - but it IS fitting for that kind of work. I need to update my hazmat suit!

Nancy LittleHomesteadinBoise said...

Thanks Kristina! Katie we had a discount with the rebates so that was much cheaper for us. Thanks Mama but I just like working for $$$ and benefits! Yes Dave looks very sexy covered in chicken poo and dust!

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