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Jul 6, 2015

Road Trip, Quick Italian Pasta Salad, Big Thrifting Scores!!!

Road Trip-
We had a great time this last weekend going to Baker City, Oregon. It's about 2 1/2 hours from here, and an easy drive. We wanted to do a day trip somewhere we've never been. Baker is just off the hiway and we'd seen it but never been in town. We went to the Baker Heritage Museum and the purportedly haunted Geiser Grand Hotel. We also had lunch, hit a yard sale, and saw the sights. Great trip! It really was a extremely RICH mining town, a lot of $$$ there. Here's some photos of the sights-

From the Heritage Museum, examples of historical life-

miner's cabin

winter coat

old time store

I've never seen purple jars!!!

love the wafer tin box!

kitchen, love it

apron, how cute!

I've never seen an electric range this old

canning time!

My Grandma had one of these :)

Love the blue stove

Looks like a Hoosier 

I've never seen a piece like this- desk and cabinet

I LOVED this portrait, sadly no name of artist, large and stunning!

flapper dress

From The Geiser Grand Hotel, a $7,000,000 restoration-

Incredible stain glass ceiling, huge!

19 of these chandeliers from a palace in Venice, incredible!

all original mahogany restored, gorgeous

Austrian buffet with swans

All gold leaf

ceiling detail

Photo from Allrecipes

Quick Italian Pasta Salad-
I found this recipe and made for the 4th of July dinner. Everybody loved it! I added celery and used 1/3 of the dry dressing mix. Yummy and cool and crisp!!! Quick Italian Pasta Salad recipe.

New thrifted table

Big Thrifting Scores!!!-
I had been looking for a used dining table for several years. We found the one above yesterday! At a thrift store for $150.00 with 4 chairs, which were too big. The table has a leaf and was perfect with our existing chairs. After talking to the manager, and using a forgotten frequent buyer discount, it was $83.00! It even fit in our mazda hatch back, a match made in heaven :) Gorgeous heavy wood and fits perfect. I love the big legs.

Our old one, wobbly and cheap, now on Craigslist-

After taking a wrong turn (lucky for me) we found a storage facility with all kind of things for sale-

Fossil Hanover organizer purse, expensive with pebbled leather, like new! $2.00, yes $2.00!!!

Not a knock off, the real deal :) A small town so maybe they don't know the brand, but I do...

Nice rusty metal bin, $3.00 

Fun little wooden scoop, $3.00

Target 1/2 price summer sale, heavy outdoor thermometer, $10.00

$3.00 solar LED outdoor lights, I got 4

Anya enjoying the new sink :)


Kristina said...

That trip looks like so much fun. It's been a long time since our entire family went somewhere together. The salad looks amazing too. I do want to shop where you shop. We don't find too many thrift stores with really good deals here.

Nancy LittleHomesteadinBoise said...

Thanks. We're lucky to have about 10-15 thrift stores in the valley.

Christine Graves said...

What a great many wonderful treasure to take you back in time!

Nancy LittleHomesteadinBoise said...

Yes, indeed!

Mama Pea said...

Your posts always contain so much of interest I hardly know where to start commenting!

You find the best things in your thrift store shopping. Not much available like that around here.

The picture of the frontier gal in the bonnet . . . the epitome of strong females who had the grit, determination and gumption to survive (and hopefully thrive) in the early years of our country.

Nancy LittleHomesteadinBoise said...

Thanks Mama! I appreciate that. I may start doing some ads for some income from all my brain work :) Yes thrifting is nice here. And I hear you, great portrait of a woman with grit!

Klyn said...

Love the museum in Baker and the Geyser Grand. Have you been to the Oregon Trail Museum just north of Baker? I started crying when I went thru the door. It is incredible. I don't think any of us are as tough, as brave or as smart as those Oregon Trail people.
We are fortunate in SW Idaho to have so many thrift stores.

Nancy LittleHomesteadinBoise said...

Yes, it's pretty impressive how tough they were in the high desert climate...

Jennifer Prior said...

What a fun trip. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for linking up at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home!


Nancy LittleHomesteadinBoise said...

Thanks Jennifer and LOVE your blog, it's inspiring me!!!

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