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May 8, 2015

Planting Day, Cool Veggies and More! My Podcast's Coming!

Planting Day, Cool Veggies and More!-
I'm home today with the croupy crud. Ironically I had planned a personal day off then got the bug last weekend. Oh well, no projects today, except washing germie sheets! It's sunny and about 70, so I've been able to air out the house. We've had such a nice cooler week this week, with a little rain the last 2 days. Perfect for the recent plantings. It was a bit warm (low 80's) last Sat. and I was getting the flu. Dave did most of the work, but I helped! I started seeds in the new little mini greenhouse- 2 kinds of bush beans/Italian & regular, tons of basil, flowers and more-

basil coming up

beans coming up

I also added a couple of perennials to replace the ones that died-

hyssop I think

In the main garden we planted-

Lemon cukes (finally found some early starts!) and tomatoes. I tried 3 new varieties of heritage tomatoes I hadn't seen before-
Anna Russian
Japanese Black Trifle (or Black Russian Truffle)
Super Marzano

My marker system, duct tape the tag to the top of the conduit stake

I did my regular Mister Stripey, Early Girl & Lemon Boy too. Love the flavors and early, steady production. I tried a new one for me- Arkansas Traveller, an old reliable one from what I've read.

We also planted peppers- Gypsy yellow, jalapeno and garden salsa. Everyone had a terrible season for peppers last summer. No one knows why? I left lots of open space to move the beans to once they're bigger.

I also planted my herb box with rosemary, thyme and oregano. Basil plants may be coming this way for Mom's Day, maybe :)

Marion berries doing well!

Raspberries are growing fast!

Cool veggies doing great! 2 types of Kale and collard greens, no bug damage

I bought some orange geraniums for our old Kodak tray, I thought it would make a nice planter! Will do that tomorrow, and some blue lobelia I bought :)

My Podcast's Coming!
Well if you've wanted to hear my lovely voice come at you from a device it'll be coming soon! Jackie from Organic Gardener Podcast contacted me after finding my blog. She'll be interviewing me soon. I was going to do it today, but I didn't want to hack up a lung on-air :) I'll let you know when it will be up. We'll be talking about all kids of things related to Urban Organic gardening...


Kristina said...

How exciting, a podcast? Neat. Your garden looks great. Yesterday, Hubby and I got all our squash planted, green beans, cucumbers, and swiss chard. I hope to drop some zinnia seeds and plant my new herbs this weekend.

Nancy po said...

Thanks! It's planting season for sure!

Mama Pea said...

You do so much in your relatively small urban gardening space! And it always looks so attractive, too.

I'm sure your podcast will be super-interesting. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Susan said...

Your garden looks wonderful! Looking forward to hearing your podcast - hope you feel better soon!

Nancy po said...

Thanks Mama! I can be a bit OCD about looks, plus who wants to look at a mess? Beauty is a good thing!
Thanks Susan, feeling better. I finally slept last night :)

Nancy po said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

you have quite the garden growing! Looks great

Nancy po said...

Thanks Daniela and welcome!

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