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Dec 17, 2014

My "Chicken Tree" & More, Counting Blessings & Gratitude

My Chicken Tree & More-
Last year Kathleen from Roseprairiequilts generously send me some of her crocheted "chickens" she made. They are so danged cute! I had found a pre-lit, small tree at a thrift store, the lights even worked. So I added her chickens, some small ornaments I had, fabric on the bottom and it's done! I put up the rest of our holiday decor and everything looks very festive. Lights everywhere to welcome the shortest night of the year on the 21st solstice. I started some paper white Narcissus for New Years, love them! We also put up our much-downsized tree, it looks great. I really don't miss having to rearrange the whole room for a tree. We bought a very narrow one (thrifted) and gave our adult kids the leftover ornaments for their trees. And then there's my outside "tree"- a branch blew off the tree, and I wanted to hang up my solar light. I decided to stuff it into the corner of the herb box. I added a red metal heart, now it's all ready! Kind of like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, minus the green:)  Kind of Scandinavian almost... Here's a few other things around the house-

Anya in her fortress of solitude :)

Our slim tree

Something a little French :)

Something a little Swedish

2 Farm Aid ornaments I bought last year to support small family farms

Our fallen tree branch in the herb box, right outside our kitchen

My winter things in my wooden kitchen box

My old window transformed with striped burlap wide "ribbon" and hidden lights

One new ball ornament and my old angel from a friend

something Scandinavian

Love the Tomten (gnome) feeding the pig Christmas porridge, and my lucky pig and Julbok (goat)

Counting Blessings/Gratitude-
Years and years ago I did a gratitude journal every day. For several years. Now I count my blessings all year, especially after going thru various job, medical and other stress this year. Yesterday I watched a mother of one of our students start crying after our school put together a huge food/gift box for her family. She was overwhelmed, and so thankful. I saw her crying and told her "happy holidays" and that she had a beautiful baby. I went back into my library and I cried. I remember so clearly being a single Mom with a young child a long time ago. I came home from work on a cold night in December and found the same thing- a huge food box with several gifts for my daughter, and a gift certificate for a ham or turkey. I cried. I still don't know who did that for me, but I was so very grateful. I told my daughter that that story again last night on her 28th birthday, and cried again. There really are angels among us.

I'm having my 2nd cataract surgery the day before Christmas Eve and I'm happy! After looking thru a gray, hazy eye for the last several months I'm ready to see again. I'm also very grateful to have excellent insurance to help pay for it. Santa will come early, oh boy! Dave got a new job and is doing very,very well, so it's all good. Kids are ok too.  Oh, and I LOVE my Empress Anya cat. And my hens who are laying 3 eggs every day!  Thanks too to all my blogging pals and readers, I really am thankful for all the comments all year long!

Amy Grant and CeCe Winans



Kristina said...

Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for. Praying your surgery goes quickly and recovery is quick and pain free too.

Susan said...

It is so important to be aware of our blessings every day - not just on holidays. And thank you for reminding me that there is great kindness out there - it's so easy to forget with all the negative news. Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and New Year! And a hug to the lovely Empress Anya!

Carolyn said...

Great news about the new job & glad to see you're going to be seeing again...bad pun, I know :)
And of course, Princess Kitty is beautiful.

Nancy po said...

Kristina and Carolyn- Thanks! I'm sure surgery will go well, and I'm off 2 weeks to recuperate.

Susan- yes, there is a lot of kindness out there every day...

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