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Nov 9, 2014

Prepping For The Polar Plunge, Last Fall Bouquet

Prepping For The Polar Plunge-
We've had unusually warm weather the last week or so. Not any more! The forecast is 36 tonite with 40 mph winds, and a high of 49 tomorrow. BIG cold front blasting thru. It was 65 yesterday :) Bye, bye fall. Dropping 20 degrees or more means prepping the garden/yard/chickens. In the 30's/20's forecast later thru the week. Leaves are still falling so we're waiting til more come down to rake.

So here's a few things we did and are finishing up-

Washed both cars, wiped down insides, put the winter gear in- blanket, scrapers, etc.

Dave put up the chicken sun room yesterday, ready for another winter of cold, wet, snow and/or other icky weather. Wish we'd had it up last Sat. for the 1 1/4" rain!

recycled, removable sun room

perch inside and fresh pine shavings

The girls aren't sure what to think of the sun room?

Got the water heater, light and heat lamp installed in the coop.

I tied up all the new berry canes so they will stay upright thru the cold.

Took down our fun garden wall art on the back of the house. Everything freezes and clangs in the wind and cold. Off to the garage, so no breakage.

Cleaned off my garden work bench and covered with heavy plastic for the winter. Tools/pots went into the garage.

Geraniums brought inside to winter over. I figure if the Swedes can do it, I can do it!

Put out lots of bird food, harvested the last f the garden parsley. Covered the herb box in 5" of leaves.

The rest is just getting out the last of the cold weather gear- gloves, hats, coats.

With all the prep I never had time to try a new recipe I found- Glazed Apple Crumb Muffins  Looks yummy!

Yarrow x 2, lavender, gazania

Last Fall Bouquet-
I walked around yesterday and got the last of the flowers, all gone now....

"staghorns" on sumac tree

Are you ready for winter???


Michelle said...

Wow you were busy. We are also getting ready for winter. I cleaned out my garden. We picked all the green tomatoes and pulled the plants. I got part of my winter garden in. Still have a few to plant. Then it's on to finishing my Christmas gifts.

2 Tramps said...

Busy here getting ready for the cold front, too. Dropping down to 8 degrees at night this week. Had to winterize the camper, move plants inside, cover faucets, chop firewood, clean the pellet stoves, turn on the pilot light and start up the gas stove. Time to plug in the engine block heater on the diesel truck, too. The chores have no end!

Kristina said...

The chicken's sunroom looks great! Nice job on it. We are making barn cat shelters for winter. I'll be sharing that on my blog soon too.

Susan said...

Love their sunroom! I have been tempted - hoping that it would encourage them to start laying again. I am working feverishly on getting all my winterizing done. Winter always seems to arrive so quickly!

Nancy po said...

Sounds like we're all BUSY!!! :)

Leigh said...

Excellent prepping Nancy! Your list is a good guideline for others. And I love the chicken sunroom. Brilliant!

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