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Jul 6, 2014

Vintage Food Posters, Chair Makeover, Appliance Garage/Thrifting, 100 Degrees!

Cute poster from Urban

Vintage Food Posters-
I always like to share these when I stumble onto them. Pretty cool! -

Chair Makeover-
Last year Dave got some free chairs from a co-worker destined for the dump. At the time I had ZERO time for a fix up, and a wedding shower to set up. I needed the chairs for seating asap, so I cleaned them up. I also added chicken fabric :)  Not too bad-

Later I realized they didn't go at all with my dining set, which is french country (mostly). After I did some research I came up with this-

Dark blue linen-look, upholstery fabric, from an outlet, $4.00

2 coats of white, satin spray paint later!

Then I add a little wood applique for a little something. I like them! Total cost- chairs free, paint $8.00, fabric, $4.00, appliques $2.00 = $14.00, works for me...

Appliance Garage/Thrifting-
We re-visited a thrift store today. I had some small electric appliances that were always in the way at the bottom of my food pantry closet, in my spare bedroom. I had the brilliant idea to build/buy a appliance garage! I found this sturdy, clean little thing for $15.00, so we bought it! It's even has wheels! Problem solved. I will probably paint the handles, as I hate brass. I may paint the whole thing! It sits next to the canning cabinet-

I also got a cute fabric summer bag for $1.50, washed and ready to go-

In the shade
100 Degrees!
It's been blistering the last week. Water, water, water. Everything dries out so fast, especially with the steady winds. At least it's not like Phoenix! A huge dust storm hit on Thursday, and closed the airports- Dust Storm Hits Phoenix

Glad I don't live there...

Well here's some good things about the heat-

The A/C works great after the old one died last year! We installed ceiling fans when we bought this place, and I have 2 fans in the kitchen as well. It's a welcome relief from the heat.

girls enjoy the shade and water mister

a little free range time in the main yard

Fiona got all her feathers back! Poor kid molted really early

You can make sun tea!

Tomatoes are loaded, as are the blackberries. We'll get a bumper crop this year, can't wait! Jams and lots to freeze for coffeecakes, etc. is in our future. Getting blossoms on the pickling cukes, lemon cukes and squash. Birds are enjoying the birdbaths, and a random squirrel enjoyed a grape I threw to it-

poor guy was so hot!

How do you stay cool?


Kristina said...

For years we have made sun tea, but I can't make it with my spearmint in it. I do have to boil it to get the flavor in the tea. Those chairs look great!

Nancy po said...

Yes I think mint takes heat, to get the flavor in the oil. Thanks!

Michelle said...

The chairs look great. Sun tea is the only kind we drink. Since I live in California we have sun even in the winter. It may take a little longer but it's worth it.

Nancy po said...

We have sun year round too in Boise, but it's cold in the winter, it would freeze!

Susan said...

Wow! 100 in the shade!! I would be wilted in a chair, unable to move. I always make sun tea - it's the best! Great job on the chairs - the wood appliques were brilliant! I keep all windows open at night, then close everything up and draw the curtains in the morning. It works fairly well.

Nancy po said...

Thanks. I grew up in S. Cali with no A/C/. Did the same- open windows at night, close in the morning...

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