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Jul 23, 2014

Great Thrifting Finds & Lamp Re-Do, Fermenting Pickle Recipe To Can, A Proper Summer Steak

Great Thrifting Finds & Lamp Re-Do-
We really scored in the last week! I found the lamp fixture above for $12.00 at the Habitat Store. It's $230.00 new! I knew when I saw it it was high end, based on the materials and design. It was like new, and I added the ivy to soften the metal a bit. I like the lighter finish. Dave got it up in about 15 minutes. I love it!

New lamp, naked

Old fixture we replaced, we'll be selling or donating

I also discovered there's one particular thrift store that had a whole section of antiques and vintage stuff. I'll be going back!!! Here's our other scores-

Craftsman tool chest $67.00. WOW, these are $400+ new. We're selling it on Craigslist :)

Rusty, HEAVY steel pot rack, $1.50 (half off $3.00!) 
Dark green frames we'll use for some of Dave's prints, $4.00 each

Vintage-y, floral scarf $2.00. Old Brownie Camera (works!) $5.00, my daughter can get me some film :)

Old WW2 German gas mask canister, reselling on Craigslist, then eBay if needed

Vintage 1940's/50's apron, faded but I love it, $5.00. I'll display in the house somewhere... 

Fermenting Pickle Recipe to Can-
I've never heard of "canning" fermented pickles, but here's a recipe if any one's interested- Garlic Pickles Recipe- Ferment Then Can  My fermenting is going well, bubbles are bubbling!!!

A Proper Summer Steak-
Dave's been wanting me to grill up something, anything! I stumbled on some nice sirloin steaks today, 2 for $6.00. While we rarely eat beef, once in a while I want a steak! I followed a simple recipe- rub with olive oil (or canola), a little salt and pepper, then grill. I fired up the charcoal barbecue, and got it nice and hot. They sizzled, then I stood back and enjoyed the show. I  used a meat thermometer to watch the temp, and they were a nice medium when done. I added some roasted "steakhouse" taters from the oven with olive oil and salt. I bought them at Costco- purple, yellow and dark tan. I added my homemade corn relish, and green salad to round it out. We have a fresh, organic strawberry parfait I whipped up for dessert. Got the berries at Costco too. Just crushed vanilla wafers, whipping cream and it's dessert! Wow, I'm full!

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