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May 17, 2014

New Chicks on The Block, The Garden's Expansion! Starbuck's Bug Protectors

New Chicks on The Block-
We went out to the local hatchery and got 4 new pullet chicks! I bought 1 Barred Rock, 1 Rhode Island Red, and 2 Amber Whites. SO cute! The Amber Whites are a new breed to me, but I liked the description, and have had good luck with RIR's-

The Amber White is a cross between a Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White. They are a calm, easily adaptable bird with excellent livability. The Amber's beautiful brown egg color and good feathering throughout the lay makes her a preferred product.

And they were 1/2 price!!! I think their sale are winding down. Since I can sell as many extra eggs at work as I want, have 1 in retirement, and 1 that I may get rid of, I got 4. Here are the new chicks on the block-

Barred Rock is Pru, RIR is Rosie, 2 Ambers I haven't named yet

The Garden Expansion!
Dave and I talked about enlarging the veggie garden. There's so much more sun there now that we had a major thinning done 2 years ago on our hug maple tree. I thought we'd move the fence, but Dave suggested we have a chicken-free area. Less labor involved! Good idea, so we covered most of the turf with cardboard about 6 weeks ago. Today Dave started removing it with a sharp shovel. It will be composted-

Hose marks the curve to cut out

Dave moved the border of river rocks, and added pavers to the gate area. We took them from an un-needed area in the front yard. We bought some herbs, flowers, and an ornamental grass to camouflage the wire fence. We add some veggies soon...

Starbuck's Bug Protectors-
Every time I have planted young Swiss chard they get cut off at the ground by bugs. So... I thought this year I'd do a barrier. Here's what I came up with-, leftover Starbuck's cups from a friend! They were leftover at her job and destined for the recycle bin. So, I took them off her hands. I cut the bottom off with an small exacto knife, dropped the plants thru them, planted them and mounded soil up. Gave them a good water. and all done! I did this with my heritage Italian kale too. I hope it works...


Ashlee said...

Is there anything cuter than fluffy baby chicks???

I totally dig your bug protector! I am planting my kale later today, but have to mulch tomorrow, so maybe I will grab some cups to make my job easier tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!

Nancy po said...


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