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Apr 27, 2014

Fun Art, Sneak Peek Bathroom Remodel!, Prepping At The Grocery Outlet, New Mower

Great art from Shop Dazey Chic 

Fun Art-
I really liked the variety of the art above, cute and really nice themes...

From Hobby Lobby, 1/2 price

Sneak Peek Bathroom Remodel!!!
Here's a sneak peek of a couple of spots in our new bathroom. The flooring will FINALLY go in this coming Thursday! Woo hoo. We're also having our 2 bedroom carpets re-stretched, all for much less than the original deal thru the big box store! Dave also pulled all the bathroom oak threshold yesterday, sanded and sealed it. The he did the rest of them. When we installed all of them then we forgot to seal them, so they got kinda dirty. Now they all look new! A quick, easy fix. It will look good with the new flooring.

Little bathroom shelf

I had Dave cut down an old bathroom drawer, it's now my potting soil box on my garden work bench! It will get a fresh coat of green paint to match the bench.

Prepping At The Grocery Outlet-
I'm very lucky to have a Grocery Outlet nearby. I found the juices above for .99 cents a box. They're pretty tasty, not too sweet. For .25 cents per can, in 4 packs, it's a nice things to stock up on. All juice, and sparkling water. I try to buy really diversified foods and drinks to food storage. It's never to late to find something new. Always keeping an eye open for new things is a good idea.

New Mower-
We finally pretty much wore out our old push mower, so we bought an electric one yesterday, with a cord. Someday I'd love to get a solar powered one. For now this works, oh yeah baby! We always have a lot of debris in our yard, mostly from wind storms coming thru. Manual mowers just don't pick it all up. The electric one did, and mulched it all into the bag. We could then recycle it into the veggie garden. The hens loved it! While we're reducing our turf we still need to mow. No fumes from gas, and just plug in. If the zombies come no worries, we'll have bigger things to fry :)

Old food production poster, era 1930's

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