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Mar 26, 2014

A Little Inspiration 2, How To- Decorative Solar Night Lights

Fun Ikea display, love the greenhouses

A Little Inspiration 2-
We came back from our trip last night. The weather was dry most of the time, and we had an easy drive. We saw Dave's family, then went to Ikea yesterday. I found lots of inspiring things and design elements there! While I don't care for modern design, I really like the Scandinavian country type designs, like this kitchen-

We were really happy with the sink and cabinet we had wanted. I got a free "family card" last winter and we saved $50.00 on the combo. After looking at all the big box stores, and more, this was by fair a huge saving for us! $350. for the sink/cab combo, and it seems very well made. We checked all the big items before we bought them. It all easily fit in our Subaru wagon, with our travel gear. We also bought a medicine cabinet, as our will be too big (downsizing the counter). We got this one-

to go over this 39" cabinet, the counter and sink are nice, heavy ceramic, gorgeous!

I'll probably replace the knobs with something more fun, like these Worldmarket Knobs 


We bought this faucet, since we didn't like the finish on the other one, pretty cheap looking.

I got a new roll up blind for over the kitchen sink. Nice and heavy and washable. The current one is a fiber and filthy, so no washy. I looked everywhere, and this fit the bill. I'll just hem, and maybe add some decorative fabric in the middle. We have an icky view of the side of our neighbor's messy deck. I leave it 1/2 down, with a nice valance. No icky view!

Shower curtain on the bottom (Swedish folk artsy), cheese slicer, fruit garnish set, whisk, green runner

 Then some edibles! A frozen chocolate almond tart (took the cooler), salmon spread, King's cheese, jams and fruit juice syrups. I find the fruit juice concentrate syrups very economical, just make what you need, by the glass. No waste, and no junk, just all juice. I LOVE Lingonberry juice :)  Yummy!

Anya test driving the green bench for the bathroom, I'll get some paint to cover the screws

It's stained bamboo and much sturdier than it looks, $14.99

Got the color block apron $7.00, no frill for me! 

A little solar light for evening in the kitchen, hidden in the flowers!

How To- Decorative Solar Night Lights-
I had been thinking about making up some homemade solar light for indoors. For emergency use, or just some ambient light. Most of the ones I had seen people make were just stuck in a small bucket of sand or rocks. Then I saw these- Solar Night Lights/Reading Emergency Lights  Much more cute! SO I got to work. You can buy these kinds of solar light, with rechargeable batteries, almost anywhere, pretty cheap. I have some in my backyard from Walmart and Home Depot. I got 2 more today for $3.00 at Walgreen's. I may put these in something else but for now here they are!

First start off with your light-

Turn on the light by flipping the switch underneath

Take light off base, keep for later if you wish, just screw off

Pop light on top of purple flower (above) or on vintage jar full of beans! Sit in sunny spot, all done!!!

A little bit of Oregon!

Looking upriver on the Columbia, across from Hood River

Looking downriver from my brother in law's living room, with the million dollar view!

Columbia Gorge area


Harry Flashman said...

What amazing views. We have some views like that here but the woods are so thick you can only see them from the ridge backs.

I wish I could keep my stock pots as spot free as those in the picture.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes it's gorgeous by the gorge. I've found the trick with pots is to dry them completely. We have very hard water here...

Kristina said...

I love the hidden solar light in the plant idea. I have one for a canning jar which we've taken camping too.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks! I'm going to get some brighter LED, but they have a nice glow...

Debbie said...

Solar lights are much safer than candles for when the power goes out especially if you have little ones. Just grab them from your yard. If the power is out for multiple days, just recharge in the yard. Sounds like a successful trip - pretty scenery and lots of Ikea goodies.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Debbie! Yes, I wish I'd had solar lights when my kids were small...

Nancy Wolff said...

Beautiful lights and i love the solar lights! thanks for sharing you post on the HomeAcre Hop, hope to see you again tomorrow! - Nancy

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