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Feb 8, 2014

Baked Eggs With Mushrooms, Bye, Bye Orion! Anya's New Throne, Winter Sales, Spring Yet Snowman

Baked Eggs With Mushrooms-
I found a new recipe recently for eggs baked on top of mushrooms. I made it last week and was excellent! I used thin sliced Italian bread, broiled plain and toasted instead of the flat bread. Recipe hereMushrooms With Baked Eggs & Flatbread It was great with some green salad.

Already melting this morning

Bye, Bye Orion!
Last night was a gorgeous winter wonderland coming back from Dave's birthday dinner out. It was was free! Dave's idea, not mine. A local place gives you a free birthday dinner, on your day. The snow came down and the roads looked like sparkling, white crystals all the way home. Sadly, come morning, it went to rain :( It snowed pretty hard late in the day yesterday ironically, otherwise they shouldn't have called for a "snow day"! The heavy, late morning snow never did hit, it came about 5 p.m. We got a good 3-4 more inches last night...

Girls happy in the sun room

Anya's New Throne-
Last week Dave started calling Anya  Our Little Princess When we were out today I saw a clearance priced bed, lined with pale, royal purple, fit for a princess! It's very plush inside, high walls (warmer) and thick floor. Her old, brown one was getting pretty flat. When I got it home I threw on some catnip, and let the games begin!!! She came back a little later, curled up and took a nap :)

Any grooms herself pulling her hind back paws forward to scratch her chin! 
Never seen that before!

Can I sleep like this?

I know there's more in here somewhere!

Winter Sales-
I was in need of some winter clothing for work, and randomly hit the local Penney's store. What deals- I got 2 v-neck wool sweaters, cord slacks, and a polar fleece top, all 50-60 % off. Time to stock up! While I buy a lot of thirfted clothes, most in fact, I needed a few specific things, sometimes hard to find. My new L.L. Bean clearance coat came, perfect for winter! I love their stuff, extremely rugged, lasts forever. They're worth the investment...

Snowman built by Deerfield librarian Evelyn DeCota to show her grandchildren how much fun it would be if they were here visiting!


Kristina said...

Love the cat photos. So cute! The snowman reminds me that we have not built one here yet this winter. We too got about 3 inches (or more) of snow last night. The recipe looks very good.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Anya's pretty entertaining. Thanks, yes the egg dish was great, lots of flavor!

Candy C. said...

GREAT kitty pictures!! :)
The mushrooms and eggs looks yummy but my hubby is not a big fan of mushrooms. (sigh) He did eat eggs poached in tomato sauce last week, man was that good!
Love that snowman picture! LOL!!

Susan said...

What adorable pics of Anya! They do love their catnip, don't they? I don't dare give any to the Boyz or they would raze my house! Happy belated birthday to Dave!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Cats and catnip, it's party time!!!

Mama Pea said...

Mmmm, give me anything with mushrooms and I'll eat it!

Loved all the pics of your happy, little cat. (Wish there was a human catnip. Well, I guess there is . . . kinda. But not necessarily the best thing to partake of!)

Little Homestead In Boise said...

I love mushrooms too! Anya is pretty funny :)

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