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Jan 1, 2014

New Year's Day- Cleaning, Baking, Crafts and Anya, New Chickens

Love the fresh orange!

New Year's Day- Cleaning, Baking, Crafts and Anya-
Today was pretty quiet, the way I like it! I spent so many years going back to work the day after New Years Day, and this year I'm not! I have the luxury of 4 more days off! Oh boy! I spent most the of early part of the day puttering around, deep cleaning the kitchen/dining room. Then I started a home-grown nectarine and currant cobbler, with a crumb topping. It smells good! Had lunch, a real, local bagel with lox, cream cheese and red onion. Yum. No, I'm not Jewish by the way, I just grew up near a fabulous Jewish restaurant (Rose's) in Portland, Oregon. I miss their food! The craft I did was Pine Cone Trees  I only had to buy 2 terra cotta pots, .79 cents each at Home Depot. I already had everything else. I used burlap, hot glue, whole cloves, a mini orange slice, other stuff. I would have used more moss but I ran out.

Big pine cone, with a quartz crystal in the middle, looks like ice!

Whole cloves, with a nutmeg nut just inside the pot

Anya, enjoying the first real sun in a week

 New Chickens-
The new chickens are hanging out in the kitchen-

Painted on slate, found them out thrifting for $4.00!

Fun snowman I found for a couple of bucks, real wood!


2 Tramps said...

Love your new chicken art! You do really well with your thrifty shopping.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks. We are lucky to have lots of thrift stores here, that helps...

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