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Dec 1, 2013

Portland/Oregon Coast Trip, "Grimm" Exterior Sets In Portland, Chinese Garden Portland, Quick Ikea Trip

Mt. Hood- Taken From Washington Park At Dusk

Portland/Oregon Coast Trip-
Not having had a real vacation for 2 years, boy was I ready to go last week! We had a good batch of weather the last time we went over Thanksgiving break (furlough week for me). Same this time- dry all the way, both ways. We drove from Boise lats Sat. straight thru to the coast and stayed in Rockaway, much cheaper than Cannon Beach. ice room, ocean view, with a gas fireplace. It was cold at night, but 62 the next afternoon. We came back Wed. night and had a simpler turkey day with most of the kids. Here's a sample, more to come next time-

Room view Rockaway

Coast Guard Memorial, Garibaldi

Coast Guard Station

Indian Head Lighthouse in the distance

Cannon Beach

The world-famous Haystack Rock

Near Tillamook

Washington Park at dusk again

"Grimm" Exterior Sets In Portland-
I started watching Grimm (on NBC, Friday nights) three years ago to see what it was like. THEN I realized it was all filmed in Portland! It became a hit, we liked the premise, and it's a guessing game for us each week. Where did they film each scene? After we got to Portland I asked Dave if we could go on a scavenger hunt of sorts, to find a few exterior locations. We did! I'm adding a couple of side by sides, to show the real place and the "dressed" for Grimm look-

The spice shop, as is

All dressed up

Monroe's house below, and they were filming when we got there! No regular cast sadly. Watch for a lady with an orange Raggedy Ann wig and a dog. Hmmm.... who could they be? Crew smiled and waved, as they were wrapping up as we got there. 

Empty, probably rented for the show

Dressed for Halloween episode,

We also saw this location, minus the trailer. Fake Forest Hills sign, photo from  Tons of Grimm info there!

Sadly we couldn't find an address for Nick and Juliette's house. Maybe next time....

Chinese Garden on Portland -
This was built after we left Portland years ago. has lots of info. It's gorgeous and peaceful. We had tea in a little tea house looking into the garden. I have never seen a HUGE tea menu like that efore. Wow! It has the world's largest chrysanthemum display now, spectacular! Old wood, tiles, rocks and more. It is one square city block downtown, in Old Town.

I really LOVED these two mini forest bonsais (?)

Altar in the tea house

Quick Ikea Trip-
This time we planned more time to go thru Ikea. Bought a few holiday/hostess gifts, had lunch and looked at their bathroom cabinet section. We loved the all drawer designs. May get one when we redo our main bathroom. Also bought-

Little end table (top comes off) for living room

Comforter cover (king) for $39.00, what a deal! 
Our deep mattress never would fit with a queen/double right. Problem solved!


Susan said...

What beautiful photographs! It looks as though you had a wonderful vacation - just what you needed!

Debbie said...

Love to add an Ikea stop when we travel. Fun to pick up some little things. Glad you had a great time. What fun scouting Portland for Grimm sites!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks the Chinese garden was so gorgeous I could have taken photos for hours!

I LOVE Ikea! So much great stuff, good prices.

endah murniyati said...

Beautiful bonsai and chrysanthemums. Wonderful places to visit. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa Lynn said...

What a great vacation! I'm glad you had a chance to kick up your heels and have a good time. :) Thanks for sharing on The Thankful HomeAcre Hop! Hope you'll stop by to visit us again today. :)
And I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Little Homestead In Boise said...


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