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Dec 15, 2013

It's Melting! Dark Days Challenge Meal

Tibetan prayer flags with some icicles
It's Melting!
The snow is melting-

Chickens emerging for the first time in a week or so!

What's going on?

There's leaves showing!

What's over here?


Ellie coming out finally

If I stand on the leaves my feet won't freeze. 

I let them out later onto the grass, what fun!

Dark Days Challenge Meal-
Last night we had our own french baked eggs, local bread, and salad. Yummy. Those baked eggs with cheese and herbs are so good!


Susan said...

My girls won't be seeing the grass for some time to come. I might steal your idea of a sun room for next year. They would love that. My Dark Days meal was local pork chops with my applesauce from my and my neighbor's apples, and a corn souffle made with my canned local corn, local milk, and butter and cheese made from that local milk. Delish!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

I was surprised that the grass was still green, but I think the snow protected it! The sun room works great! It was mostly recycled and built to fit a trap door. Showers doors mostly from used building supply stores...

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