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Dec 21, 2013

Happy Winter Solstice! Santa Came Early, I Interrupted Someone's Dinner, Snow Again, Pine Cone Pots

Happy Winter Solstice!-The days will start getting longer, yay!!!

Our garden Sun

Santa Came Early-
When Keurig brewers got really trendy I was never interested in buying one. You were really limited with what they sold, and all the waste of the non-recyclable cups. Now they have a My K-Cup filter, where you can basically brew whatever you want (within limits) in a special stainless steel filter- teas bags (out of the bags), bulk teas, your own ground coffees. No waste there!

I was channel surfing QVC one night when they had a pretty good deal, with the machine, 12 various K cups, AND a My K Cup, for $79.00. They might still be available here- QVC Shipping was $7.99. I had noticed I was dumping a lot of bad iced tea, which I usually have with lunch and dinner. Dave drinks some, but we were wasting a lot. For coffee, he was heating water with a tea kettle, then waiting to steep in his french press, etc. I started thinking this machine would be faster, less waste, and flexible. Dave and I talked about it, so I bought one! They were out of the cobalt blue I was going to buy, so I went with a pretty lemon yellow. Works great! A tip, if you own one, or want one- being frugal, you can re-use the K cups. I ran thru my K cup English Breakfast Tea twice in a row, came out nice and strong. Dave got a gift certificate to WalMart (where I rarely shop, bad employers) so I bought some K Cups there. I was shocked how many companies they partnered with. I was able to buy my favorite ices tea- Luzianne, as they sell those too. So much better than the Lipton's I used for years! It made perfect iced tea, and no more waste. I'm grateful we had the money to buy one.

I Interrupted Some One's Dinner-
Late yesterday I was putting out some bird for before the snow was about to start. We got about 3" inches last night, so pretty. I heard a loud shrieking and spotted a gorgeous male Kestrel. I've seen him around before. They eat mice and small birds. He sat for the longest time, then flew to a tree, then down to the garden, then the ground. I finally realized I had interrupted his dinner, a small bird. He kept a very close eye on me as I shot photos thru the glass door. He sat for a good 45 minutes as the snow started, not about to give up his meal, in this cold weather-

What's cha looking at?

Coop with Christmas lights up, very cheery at night!

Snow Again
We had quite a snow storm blow thru last night, and got about 2-3 inches. Gorgeous blue sky right now-

I know some people hate squirrels, but I don't mind them

digging up the bird/squirrel food

I like this shot, I used my telephoto

I wasn't sure if the birds were using our heating waterer, they are there every day. 
There were 6 out together 2 days ago, a regular ground dove party!!!!

Pine Cone Pots-
I thought these were so cute! These are from The Little Acre That Could   I found any directions there, very simple- moss in pots, topped with pines cones with burlap, raffia, greenery, etc.

I LOVE THESE TOO, FOR OUTSIDE! from Fleamarketgardening

How cute!


Carolyn said...

We used to see tons of Kestrels in Illinois, but I don't see many of them here on the homestead. Guess too thickly wooded & not enough open area where we are. Great pics!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks, luckily I had my telephoto handy. He came back today, same place and I got better shots in the snow :)

Jody s said...

Beautiful pics and i love your yellow keurig! Merry Christmas!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks, you too!

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