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Aug 10, 2013

My Compost Tractors, Little Homestead Garden Update, On The Road To Better Health!

Permaculture Chicken
Compost Tractors-
I love the whole concept of Permaculture- having an interactive system. So today, we had some Permaculture in action garden fun! Dave spread the compost in the veggie garden that was originally garden clippings, leaves, food, soil, kitchen waste-

                                     Here come the tractors! Little Blackie and Molly-

                                                             Ellie on the move!

They had a blast, digging, find worms and yummy tidbits. They will have this dug in over the next week.

Little Homestead Garden Update-
Still waiting for the apples to get completely ripe. I tried one on the ground today, a little red. Not bad!

Nectarines turning red

Basil, time to make pesto for the freezer!

Shade cold frame doing well- Kale, Collard greens, and herbs

My Fairy herb garden has grown in! She looks happy!!!

                                              Today's harvest, plus black berries and eggs

                                New Tibetan prayer flags for the coop, lots of good ju ju :)

On The Road To Better Health!-
I've re-focused on healthier eating recently, using smaller portions after I put on a few lbs. during my foot problem. I had been losing weight thru last summer and hit a mental plateau and stalled out. I started stress eating from being in chronic pain as the year wore on. So now I'm doing this for my health and to feel better. I don't want to look like a 10 year old girl or Barbie. I'm losing already, woo hoo! I use mostly just to track portion size and the ratio of fats, carbs,  and proteins. I'm limiting the grain carbs since that is easy for me most of the time and seems to increase the weight loss. I also eat something if I'm really craving it, just less! Not doing that always works against me. Sometimes I also just have to balance that the next day. I also weigh-in every day and it tracks that as well. My dietitian (free thru health insurance) I worked with told me about that website and it's all free. I put a free Android phone app on my phone and I can do a search if eating out to see how many cals, etc. a dish has. I want to take Zumba classes once my foot is completely healed. It sounds like fun and I get bored working out in a gym. I started some PT sessions yesterday and I'm moving much better today. It's never to late to be healthier!


Susan said...

What a great use of chickens! I am thinking of trying out the hens in my raised beds this fall, after most of the beds are through. I just have to be careful to protect the beds that are still producing - chickens are awesome diggers! Great idea on the weight loss plan. I found that weighing myself every day really keeps me focused.

Leigh said...

I love the permaculture chicken! And your garden looks fabulous.

Simply cutting portion size is such wise advice for a start to weight loss. Interesting that you mention grain carbs. With our goal of food self-sufficiency, I have come to the conclusion that grains, with the exception of corn, are the hardest starches to process. Wheat, oats, etc, require threshing and winnowing, which is labor intensive on a small homestead. Makes me think that in a natural scheme of things, grains would be limited because of that.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes and there's the whole wheat belly thing...

Candy C. said...

Your garden is looking great and the chickens sure look happy to be 'helping!' :)
Good for you for the weight loss. I think a lot of successful dieting has to do with finally being ready mentally to tackle it.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks , yes the girls are still away! Yes I'm mental all right :)

Endah Murniyati said...

Looks so wonderful garden! Plants and animal, take and give each other. I like your idea. Interesting and inspiring blog. Thanks for sharing. I really interested to sustainable agriculture and permaculture. I invite you to visit my blog. Have a wonderful day

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Endah!

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