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Jul 13, 2013

Sounds Of Summer, Sweet Julia Child Tribute, Almost Time For a Giveaway!

Our giant maple tree
Sounds Of Summer-
We're heading towards record-breaking 100+ degree weather in another day or so. Since it was cooler yesterday, I went out in the back yard for an hour and read sitting in the sun. I decided my pasty white skin needed some color! I did wear a hat and shades, as I HATE a sunburned scalp. Being stuck inside with the recovery of my foot surgery has really been pretty much inside. Luckily I'm off my cart in 2 more days! Woohoo! Skin is finally healing up better in the small spot that was a problem. Then- just 1 crutch and I can finally drive myself, and do more here. Anyway, Thursday night I had Dave set out a couple of deck chairs- one by the deck to transfer off my cart to, and one out on the grass for me to roll over to. That went well, and I took out my hot weather supplies in my little cart basket- water bottle, book, phone, etc. It was so nice to be outside! I'm finishing up Making Home by Sharon Astyk. Excellent book! Sitting there for an hour I could hear bird sounds, a little hammering by a neighbor, cars off in the distance, kids laughing down the street. It was actually pretty quiet. It was a weekday with most of the neighbors off at work. Weekend summer sounds tend to be- lawnmowers, more hammering (neighbors got a project going), more birds, music, screaming babies, barking dogs, and the neighbor that has his pool vacuum going. Meanwhile the cat's running up and down the hall chasing a tiny wadded up ball of paper. Anya is so easily entertained!

                                                          I love the BISCUITERIE sign
Sweet Julia Child Tribute-
I recently watched a cooking show and discovered who Patricia Wells is. Patricia is a well-known American writer who lives in France. She has written lots of French restaurant reviews, guides and cook books. She was good friends with Julia Child, the famous American cook who brought French cooking to America. I was really charmed by this little corner remembrance Patricia made to her friend. When Julia was getting ready to close up her French home for good Patricia asked if she could have her cook stove. The full story is here Julia Child's 100th Birthday. When I first watched Julie And Julia I really became aware of what a wonderful, tough, and funny woman Julia was. Watch the movie if you haven't! Amy Adams and Meryl Streep were brilliant! And, of course, blogger Julie Powell turned her cook the entire Child's cookbook in one year into fame and fortune. Good for her!

Amy Adams as Julie, Child-type pearls and all. Wallpaper from ScenicReflections

Meryl Streep as Julia Child in her French kitchen

I already knew who Julia was from randomly watching her on PBS. She donated her entire American kitchen to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. It really shows a "working" kitchen set up for organization, use and simplicity. You can take an online tour Julia Child Exhibit. I wish my kitchen was that big, and I love the cabinets and colors. Talk about a lot of utensils, cooking collectibles, etc.! Here's a fun little article from Country Living magazine on How to Recreate Julia Child's Kitchen.

I remember watching SNL one year and almost dying from laughter at Dan Akroyd's imitation of her cutting up a chicken. He is sheer PERFECTION! BEWARE- if you're faint around blood, skip this! And try not to laugh yourself out of your chair!!!

Almost Time For a Giveaway!-
Two more posts to reach 300, then it's time! Keep checking back!


Candy C. said...

I like that sign too! :)

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes, I may try and make one like it:)

Patti said...

This is such a cute post! I think watching her old shows would be great fun!

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