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Jul 5, 2013

Happy 2nd Blogversary! Another Giveaway! 1950's Housewife Bridal Shower Idea, Summer Video, Chicken Sculpture

Happy 2nd Blogversary!-
Apparently I missed my blogversary! Dang. Well, sometimes medical things take precedence. I was noticing I'm closing in on my 300th post too! So... it's time to reflect. OK, I'm finished. Actually I just want to thank my followers, older and newer, for being here. It was so nice to have some of you email me personally and ask how my foot surgery went. That meant  a lot. Virtual pals are one of the nicer parts of being online.  Blogging has been a real learning curve, like accidentally deleting a bunch of photos on my new smart phone and not being able to retrieve them! So, I'm restoring as many as I can before last summer. Oh well. You do what you can.

Another Giveaway!-
In honor of my 2nd blogversary AND reaching almost 300 posts, I'm going to have another giveaway! Keep reading the next week and I'll let you know what the goodies are and how to win them! Thanks!

1950's Housewife Bridal Shower Idea-
I read this over at Canning Granny  1950's Housewife Shower Idea  and loved it! Very creative job she did. I had never heard of "pounding" before. It's a Quaker tradition of giving newlyweds a pound of various things like butter, grains, flours, sugar, etc. to stock their new pantry. Great idea! I have 2 girls getting married in the next year, so I may borrow some aspects of that. This is another good idea that ties into homesteading, for those of us who want to encourage others to do some form of preparedness. If I could get all 3 of my girls on board with the idea of a working pantry, preserving foods, etc.

Summer Video-
Man this gets me in the mode to get out on the water!!!

 Pontoon by Little Big Town

Chicken Sculpture-
I saw this cute chicken sculpture in local parking lot yesterday, and shot it with my cell phone camera. It looks like someone made it out of sheet metal, then painted it. I want it!!!


Kristina said...

I like the idea of "pounding" for a bride. Very cute sculpture too.

nancy said...


Trish said...

Happy Bloggiversary!! :) I love the chicken sculpture too!!

nancy said...

Thanks, and I'd love to stick that in my yard!

Susan said...

Happy anniversary, Nancy! Your blog just gets better and better!!! I love the chicken sculpture - and the idea of pounding is such a great idea! I'll have to tuck that away.

nancy said...

Thanks! I wish I could do metal work like that. My oldest is getting married this fall and I'll do something similar.

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