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May 18, 2013

Great Book! "Making Home, Adapting Our Homes & Our Lives To Settle In Place"

Great Book!- "Making Home, Adapting Our Homes & Lives"-
I started this book last week: Making Home-Adapting Our Homes and Our Lives To Settle in Place and am really loving it. It really comes from a different angle about issues of living more self sufficient, as well as building communities, living green in a way that would work if things change. And they will, it's a matter of how, where and when. Sharon lays out very thoughtful ideas about not going green to save the planet (since we're screwed IMO) but to be able to live well by using what we already have, and/or modifying our lives and attitudes. This is a positive message about thinking outside the box and prepping (of sorts). 

One of my favorite lines so far is a quote by James H. Kunstler, on page 11- "... we become so attached to the things we have invested ourselves in that we go on preserving them long after such preservation has become destructive." She gives lots of great ideas on "planning for a future and failure". examples about things like: transportation, growing food, heating/cooling, creatures, skills, work and $, and security. After our A/C died a week ago it got me thinking. We didn't do too bad, while in the 90's. We already had installed ceiling fans, insulated drapes and kept the house closed during the day. You never know when something will happen or change. We would have suffered if we hadn't thought ahead!

Great book! Go read it!!!


Susan said...

I'm reading it, too! I am a fan of hers - she is bright, thoughtful and so non-preachy. Just good, common sense. We could all learn a lot from her. I also love her other two books.

nancy said...

Thanks, I'm looking forward to what she'll do next :)

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