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Apr 7, 2013

Coop Add-Ons, Feed Sack Fabrics & Use, Fish Tacos w/Lime Sauce, Immunizations

Gardening bench ready for spring!

Coop Add-Ons-
When we looked at what the new coop needed Dave wanted to upgrade the electrical components. We also added some pavers to the entrance, and new hardware. I was going to paint this weekend but too rainy and cold. So the new stuff-
New light $5.00, and Dave read chickens actually DON'T benefit from flourescent winter lights
vs. incandescent. It can cause a drop in egg production according to some research. Heat lamp is below.

new switch

new receptacle

new conduit

new/used handle

pavers, not quite finished

perch added to bottom of upper shelf/perching area

new ramps, we had to re-configure them

Feed Sack Pillow Cover - Floursack Pillow Cover - Rustic Pillow Cover - Bewleys Best Pillow Cover -  Reproduction Fabric - 18"
Photo From Etsy

Feed Sack Fabrics-
After Mama Pea posted her giveaway Feed Sack Potholders, it started me thinking about the other reproduction fabrics that might be out there. I found this- Ewenmeprintables, then these
Floursack Pillows Etsy. Then I found this interesting looking book-Feedsack Secrets: Fashion From Hard Times. I decided to get mine from the library, always free! I love the fact you can do an intra-library loan and get books from out-of-state. It all reminded me of the quilts my maternal Grandmother made, all from recycled fabrics. It wasn't "recycling" or retro then, it was sheer survival. I'll post some snippets of the book when I get it!

Sorry about the shadow!

Fish Tacos With Lime Sauce-
I was in the mood for something citrusy, and this fit the bill- Fish Tacos with Lime Sauce  A friend suggested a similar sauce and it's limey all right, but I add extra. Sauces always taste more diluted in the end. I added a couple of chopped green onions and used panko crusted tilapea fish (thick), nice and crunchy! I did toss some of the sauce into the slaw mix before I served...

Your tax dollars at work- what would this do to your child's immune system, and who makes all that $$$$?


Kristina said...

Very interesting visual on the vaccines. I refuse to get my teens the one they keep pushing on us. Those tacos look great! Hubby wants me to make fish tacos. Maybe when we get enough fish on our fishing days, I can make those.

Candy C. said...

Shoot, we'd be happy to have power at the barn, much less the hen house! LOL!!
We love fish tacos here. I had some at a restaurant recently where the fish was grilled instead of fried and they were awesome! I'm going to try that next time.

nancy said...

Thanks! Candy I've done grilled too. This is frozen and quick (and no trans fats), good for a work night. The power all runs off an exterior orange extension power cord, just for the winter...

Leigh said...

Love the coop upgrades. Your gals are truly high class!

The vaccination chart was a jaw dropper however.

nancy said...

Leigh, thanks! Yes that chart was pretty sobering for me too...