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Mar 25, 2013

Why I Won't Tweet/Facebook My Blog, Almost Instant Bread Pudding-

Why I Won't Tweet/FaceBook My Blog-
I know some people live and breathe, and advertise stuff, using "social media". While it can be a good thing, it's a double-edged sword. I don't Tweet because if anyone finds me THAT interesting they need to go get some professional help!!! I don't WANT people following my every move, because I like my privacy. Once you lose that, you never really get it back. There might be the ILLUSION of that, but not in reality.

I have a FaceBook account for pals across the states I don't see much, and we stay in touch that way. These are the ONLY people I want seeing my posts. Recently Facebook changed their security features again, leaving users very vulnerable to security issues from people they don't want to share with. Since it's a free service there's nothing you can do. You have no say in how your account is set up. That sucks.

If you are self-employed, or stay home full time, what will you do when you go job hunting in the future? If your potential employer brings up your posts, then what? What if they don't like your politics, religion (or lack of), your smoking, or, or, or??? There's no getting it OFF the net. Think before you post.

 I recently had this posted to me-

Facebook has changed their privacy settings once more!! Due to the new "graph app" anyone on FaceBook (including other countries ) can see your pictures, likes & comments. I want to stay PRIVATELY connected with you. I post things for my friends that I don't want strangers to have access to! This happens when friends click "like" or "comment"....automatically, their friends would see our posts, too. Unfortunately, we cannot change this setting by ourselves because Facebook configured it that way. PLEASE place your mouse over my name above (DO NOT CLICK), a window will appear, now move the mouse on "FRIENDS" (also without clicking), then down to "settings", click here and a list will appear. REMOVE the CHECK on "LIFE EVENTS and "COMMENTS & LIKES". By doing this, my activity among my friends and family will no longer become public. Now, copy & paste this on your wall. Once i see this posted on your page, I will do the same. Thank You!

 Double sucks. I did that procedure with my pals, but what's already out there? If you live in a world of "it'll be alright, I don't offend anyone", trust me- you do. There's lots of nutty folks out there. Buyer beware, poster beware. And if you have teenagers, get them to do the above procedure and protect themselves. Or close their account.

Almost Instant Bread Pudding-
After buying some wonderful brioche bread made locally, I decided to do the last Dark Days dessert. My own eggs and local bread! I was in the mood for bread pudding but didn't want to make a big batch. So I experimented and came up with this. The 1st batch used cream and milk, but it was a little too heavy. I used my Orka silicone microwave cookware. I love them, nothing sticks and everything heats very evenly.

Ingredients ready

Recipe- Makes 2 generous servings
Brioche or other light bread, torn about 1 cup
3 eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
4 oz. bittersweet chocolate chopped
2 TBL. sugar
splash vanilla
pinch salt

Whisk milk, eggs, vanilla, salt and sugar. Pour over torn bread. Sprinkle with chopped chocolate, and a little in the middle. Microwave on high, covered, about 6-8 minutes depending on size and microwave. Make sure eggs are set, enjoy!

Orkas ready for nuking

Anya found the catnip in the junk drawer-


Leigh said...

Anya is so cute! And the bread pudding looks fabulous.

I started backing out of FB when they kept resetting my privacy preferences. I deleted everything when they decided they owned all the photos uploaded to them. Trouble is, I doubt any of it is actually deleted. They certainly have not proved themselves to be trustworthy.

nancy said...

It's pretty scary how ignorant many people are of the whole FB scenario. They "own" your content, really?

Susan said...

Thanks for the FB info - I have an account because it's the only way I can keep up with some friends - but I loathe FB. I will go through and clean house. That picture of Anya is adorable!

Kristina said...

The bread pudding looks delicious! I agree about facebook/twitter etc. It's created to have the person share as much information as possible (that was their goal in creating it). I don't do either one. Like you said, if someone really wants to stay in touch, there is snail mail, e-mail, and phones.

nancy said...

I think emails, even a group email is much safer...