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Mar 9, 2013

Scoring Materials for Coop, Cheap French Chic!

Soon to raise the roof!

Scoring Materials For Coop-

We needed quite a bit of materials to re-build/expand our urban coop. Hubby had a "feeling" he should go the Habitat for Humanity store last night. He scored a huge amount of materials cheap, for a good cause, and recycled. We went to another recycled building materials store this morning, ditto. I found a gorgeous door that was $100.00, marked down to $10.00. Score! I'll post pictures as the building moves along. We plan on doing it, hopefully, on spring break, the end of this month (weather permitting). We're going to build sections in the yard. On the second day- do the tear down and put it all together. Dave's good at designing and building, and I add other basic ideas for layout and decor. We want to recycle whatever we can from the first coop, and mostly "raise the roof". It will have a full size door, we'll be able to walk in to clean, and a solid roof for more weather hardiness. The current wavy plastic roofing would collapse under any big tree branches, etc. We'll have the nest box on the front, and the full size door (see photo below) where the nesting box is. Dave found a nice, big window too. After a huge windstorm almost took out the coop 2 years ago, we agreed it was better to build, a solid, shingled roof. It will have more roosting areas, and be easier to clean, bright and good ventilation. I think the girls will LOVE it! I'll paint it the same color so it will blend in.

Cheap French Chic-
After looking at my work clothes, and deciding a needed to tweak things a little, I stood there scratching my not knowing exactly what to actually DO! Hmmm, time to go to the library. I remembered that French women (even the older ones like me) are known for having some style. While I don't mind using a lot of thrifted clothes for work, I knew I needed to get some specific NEW things. So here's the big reveal! It's fun for me, and it's not homesteading, but hey I gotta work to build the coop ya know? :) I got everything at either discount stores or deeply on sale online. I also got 2 new pairs of slacks I didn't take pics of- basic, well cut- smoke gray, and a dark green/gray. I just need to find a navy pair now.
Classic navy 3/4 length sleeve cardigan- TJ Maxx

Classic white, wrinkle-resistant blouse TJ Maxx. I got an identical one in light blue

Old Navy lightweight cotton sweater, so soft! I did pay full price for this because I LOVED it!

LL Bean, last summers model. I've had these before- and nice & cool for the spring/summer

Old Navy polka dot blouse, love it! $5.99 I think

 Keen sneakers, a little cleaning in order I see.  Easy to clean the rubber, just a soapy sponge. Much cheaper than Converse and better support. I've had so many compliments on these at work! These were 1/2 price

Cute sole

New summer tote at Goodwill, made of recycled plastic- $1.50

I also got a purse on eBay coming. Leather, Fossil brand, casual but a little dressier. I came to realize a long time ago- it's either leather or fabric for me. Faux leather just doesn't hold up.


Kathleen at Rose Prairie said...

Wow Nancy you are styling. And the girls will be styling too here soon. I wish my DH was handy that way. Is the hubby getting new duds too?

nancy said...

Dave is an engineer at heart :) And yes, he got some new duds this spring too.

Anonymous said...

Those finds are wonderful !! So little money and so much fun to find things like this ; )
Have a great day.

nancy said...


Candy C. said...

I really like the door you guys found! Love all your new clothes too. I always like the stuff at Old Navy but haven't been there in several years. Those shoes are just too cute!! :)

nancy said...

The shoes are comfy too :)

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