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Jan 26, 2013

All About Eggs- Frittata, Quick Breads & Pickling, Dark Days Meal

       Finally, some blue sky and sun!!!      

Frittata & Quick Breads-
With an abundance of eggs I planned ahead for this weekend: Garden Frittata for dinner & hard boiled for Pickled Eggs Recipe. I love those eggs! I made Banana bread (with free bananas from work). While it has no eggs, I also made another batch of beer bread with dinner. This time I used extra sharp cheddar cheese, bought from the outlet last summer and froze (thawed great!). I LOVE quick breads- 1 hour or so and all done. We gave the girls some TLC today, since the weather broke for a while, and added new pine shavings to the coop. They loved it! Nice and fresh. Deep cleaning will come in March or so. I love the deep litter method- no smell and healthy chickens!

Beer bread with dill, thyme and extra sharp white cheddar

Banana bread with walnuts and applesauce

Sometimes I worry about eating too many eggs. I don't eat them daily, but usually on the weekends. On rare occasions I take hard boiled eggs to work for lunch. Interestingly enough- my cholesterol is the best it's been in several years. Eating a lot of your own organic eggs metabolizes very differently than store bought. That's my view. I also take fish oil daily, great for the joints!

Dark Days Meal-
Ironically today the inversion finally started dissipating, and the sun came out! I felt like cave man emerging after a long, dark winter! Blue sky, what the heck is that???

Frittata going into the oven

All done!

My Days Days Meal tonite was-
*homemade beer bread, some of my own fresh herbs in it
*frittata made with- my own eggs & local squash I dehydrated from a friend. I rehydrated them in some chicken broth. I also used home-frozen orange bells peppers from the store last summer, instead of tomatoes. Not local, but I froze em! I was going to add some cubed Idaho taters but decided to skip the carbs.
*The banana bread had some of my own homemade applesauce in it to supplement the not-quite-enough bananas.

My $4.00 amaryllis from the grocery outlet really paid off with 3 huge blooms,
and more to come, on another stalk!


Leigh said...

Nancy, you are officially responsible for my now being hungry, LOL. Everything looks yummy, including the amaryllis.

Nancy po said...

Thanks! I just made pickled eggs!

Kristina said...

I'm so jealous. Look at all those eggs! That food looks delicious.

Candy C. said...

Glad that nasty inversion finally cleared out! The frittata looks fabulous, as does the beer bread and banana bread.
What a beautiful amaryllis! I always forget to get one or paperwhites before the holidays. (sigh)
Must be my old eyes but I had to zoom in twice to be able to read the new font. :(

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