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Dec 31, 2012

Counting Blessings, New Chicken Tree, Bits & Pieces

Count Your Blessings- Amy Grant & CeCe Winans 
Counting Blessings-
This time of year is always a reflective time for me. I don't do "resolutions", since I've found that doesn't work for me. I do look at what does/did work and keep my options open. To me it's a more positive tack. I found, for instance, getting focused on the BIG picture works better for me than sweating the minutiae of things. I can be be OCD, so I have to remind myself of that. I've looked at what I wanted to include in my life: like eating healthier, stressing less at work, letting go of some my kid's stupid (to me) decisions, appreciating my hubby more :) Worrying less about my various health issues- do more holistic stuff and get over it. I hear people who talk non-stop about how sick they are all the time. To me that just reinforces it, IMO. Reliving all your bad health issues is living in it, ALL THE TIME. I choose not to do that. I try to put my various health issues (I won't bore you with the details) into perspective- I have excellent insurance, live in a city with lots of resources, and have the income to buy supplements, etc. to keep myself band-aided together. So, I'm counting my blessings!

Chicken Tree

New "Chicken Tree"-
Kat from Rose Prairie Quilts Chicken Ornaments very generously gifted me with four crocheted chickens! She even matched my flock! I sent her a little something in return :) Here's my "chicken tree", with some of the original decorations when I bought it, her chickens, some farmy fabric I bought, and the lights. There's a rooster next to it too! I love it!
Little red hens for my Hampshire girls and Rhode Island Red 

Black and white hen for my Barred Rock

I added fabric, little toys, and wooden folk art stuff

    Dave loved it too! He found a rooster clock out today ($3.00) while donating some items, it goes perfect on the wall next to the china cabinet with the tree-

Bits and Pieces-
Here's a few odds and ends from life recently:

***I want the Handheld Pies book, the stuff inside looked great delish! I found it at Joann's Fabrics, but will look for a used copy-

***We went on saw the movie The Hobbit- An Unexpected Journey, with a gift certificate from work- 2 thumbs way, way up! Martin Freeman was wonderful as Bilbo, a brilliant job. I loved him in The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy and Sherlock                  

***For those of you PIGZ lovers Joann's had this fabric!

  ***I decided to display our Christmas Cards this way this year, I liked it!

***I finally found spots for these 2 items I got thrifting, Dave installed both of these today

We keep our summer hats here by the front door, wood with a ceramic inlay

***Girls enjoying a snack, still in the 20's, no melting yet. They LOVE their sun room in this COLD weather

***I LOVE this song and video- 93 Million Miles by Jason Mraz. I love his new sound!

              You can always come back home...


Carolyn said...

I LOVE your chicken tree!
And that fabric, oh, I gott'a get me a yard or two of that. For what, I don't know, but come ON, it's BACON!

nancy said...

Yes, make some kitchen curtains, oven mitts or?

Kathleen at Rose Prairie said...

Your tree turn out adorable. I love the added items. And my husband like my tree too, and find that even more enjoyable.Happy New Year.

Kristina said...

That chicken tree is so cute. I love the ornaments, and hoped over to that site you mentioned. I really need to make some of those for gifting next season. Thanks for sharing.

nancy said...


Candy C. said...

Your chicken tree is simply adorable!! The rooster clock is pretty neat too!
I'm going to have to look for that cookbook, I'm always on the lookout for new ideas for the Farmer's Market. :)
Happy New Year!!

nancy said...

Candy, that would be great for some hand held pies for your customers to munch on!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I love those chicken ornaments. I will have to see if she sells them. I don't need them for sure but boy those would be so cute on the tree.

nancy said...

I hope so too, she does a great job!